UK commercial printer RCS has installed Europes first Screen Truepress JetSX B2, the world’s first full-colour, duplex B2-size sheet-fed inkjet press.

Managing director Michael Todd described his latest acquisition as a game changer for the business, a compelling and unique product that opens the door to more specialised applications and more rewarding business opportunities.

Traditional high-volume, low-margin print is declining while consumers’ demand for premium-quality personalised print is growing.  Ideally, our target market is the high-added-value print run of one:  in the future we would be delighted for every piece of print we produce to be different, a premium product commanding a premium price, said Todd.

The Truepress JetSX’s latest-generation high-precision inkjet head — minimum droplet size just 2 picolitres — can output at 1440 x 1440 dpi to produce text and images that rival offset for quality.  The maximum sheet-size of 740 x 530 mm makes it versatile enough to print everything from standard A4, through calendars, folders and book covers, to A2/B2 posters. Plus the press also meets RCS’s strict environmental standards with its low energy consumption, efficient ink consumption and minimal waste features.

Among the other features of the JetSX that impressed RCS were the variety of media the press can handle — from 0.08 mm up to 0.6 mm — and the precision vacuum flat-bed paper transport mechanism, which is the same as used on offset presses.