Screen Americas Inkjet Solution Diversifies Customer’s Services

Screen Americas Inkjet Solution Diversifies Customer’s Services

The ability to print on postcard stock and other grades of paper that did not require pretreatment gave Screen Americas an edge over its competition and played a significant role in California-based company The Dot Corporation’s decision to purchase a Truepress Jet520HD.

The Dot Corporation specialises in a variety of services including printing, direct mail and marketing, retail and trade show graphics, healthcare supply chain services, digital applications and solutions, e-commerce fulfilment and creative services.

The privately held company, founded in 1980, has 310 full-time employees and occupies four facilities in southern California. Multiple toner-based and offset presses inhabit its pressroom which operates 24 hours per day, five to seven days per week depending on volume.

The Dot Corporation’s journey to adopting digital inkjet technology began when its chief executive officer, Bruce Carson, began attending an annual conference dedicated to inkjet printing approximately five years ago, ‘It wasn’t the technology that necessarily brought me to the conference, but rather our customers’ evolving needs which included shorter run times and applications for variable content,’ said Carson. ’Our customers were looking to target different audiences with different messages in a short amount of time.’

Carson said he noticed the difference in colour quality between the offset presses and the digital inkjet presses shrink considerably after two years since he first started attending the conference. With image quality much improved, the Truepress Jet520HD offered the necessary speed and variable data capability needed for The Dot Corporation’s direct mail business which often serves the highly regulated healthcare industry. Since the installation, the company has increased its digital output by 300 percent.

With the direct mail industry often favouring personalised postcards and the post office implementing tracking methods for delivery, The Dot Corporation now considers itself to be a noteworthy competitor to electronic delivery.

‘We’re excited to have direct mail complement the current methods of communication firms are using,’ said Carson. ‘Clint Nagasugi, president of The Dot Corporation’s direct mail division, is excited about the competitive advantage the Screen press offers. We look to provide a better experience through the use of variable data to help our clients better target their customers through specific messaging. This press will allow us to do this with a faster turnaround at a more competitive rate than other solutions would in our marketplace. We also have been very pleased with the overall quality of the output from the press.’

The relationship between Screen Americas and The Dot Corporation dates back to the early 1980s when the company purchased a scanner from Screen Americas followed by a PlateRite 8600, which is still in operation. The companies look forward to continuing their mutual success with the Truepress Jet520HD.

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