Scodix Announce World First Press Installations

Scodix Announce World First Press Installations
Dierk Schröder, Kroha with Franz Repp, Scodix and Florian Guggenbichler, Kroha.

The Scodix Ultra 1000 Digital Enhancement Press delivers a set of Scodix applications, with the high-quality standards of Scodix technology. The Scodix Ultra 6000 Digital Enhancement Press is the ultimate solution for CMYK printers working on B1 size sheets and who want a standard size press that fits into any folding carton workflow.

Kroha Druck will install the world’s first Scodix Ultra 1000 and 6000 digital enhancement presses for folding carton production. The Ultra 1000 installation is planned for December 2020 and the Ultra 6000 is planned for April 2021.

Kroha manufactures folding cartons and leaflets in two state-of-the-art plants in Barleben and Miesbach, Germany. The two Scodix Ultra presses bring continued business growth opportunities to Kroha with the choice of multiple applications on one press, large sheet size and added value on each enhanced sheet, no matter the run length.

‘The Scodix Ultra presses fit perfectly into our production with the B2 and B1 sheet size, and range of enhancing applications. This purchase is in line with our mission to be future-oriented and economically straightened for the benefit of all stakeholders,’ said Florian Guggenbichler, Kroha Plant Manager.

Nigel Tracey, Scodix VP of Business Development and Marketing states, ‘Scodix is excited to welcome Kroha to the Scodix family and congratulate them on being the first to install both the Scodix Ultra 1000 and Scodix Ultra 6000 presses. We know that these presses will allow Kroha to grow their business by expanding their production.’


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