Advanced Print Solutions Announces Availability Of Slitter Rewinder Models


S & E Electronics Servicing (now trading as Advanced Print Solutions), the newly appointed South African representative of SP Ultraflex Slitter Rewinders, has announced SP’s range of solutions. SP offers standard and proven solutions for customer requirements and preferences that would normally require a high level of customisation.

‘Our range includes seven well differentiated models of converting slitters, enabling us to offer standard and proven solutions to diverse customer requirements,’ said Bjorn Eugster, Advanced Print Solutions. ‘The range is broadly classified into ‘Duplex’ and ‘Dual Turret’ machines. Each category can be offered with three possible layouts, resulting in six combinations.’


– Compact, with the unwind and cutting/rewind sections accommodated on opposite ends of a common frame: applicable models include PRIMASLIT® RL and ROBOSLIT® RL.
– Unwind separated from the cutting/rewind section by means of an overhead bridge. Applicable models : ULTRASLIT® OHP and ROBOSLIT® OHP.
– Unwind separated from the cutting/rewind section by means of an underpass platform. Applicable models: ULTRASLIT® FSU and ROBOSLIT® FSU.

Each of these models can be further customised with a host of material handling options. The seventh model is a duplex, compact slitter rewinder with the unwind and rewind on the same side, allowing free access to the cutting section. Applicable model: PRIMASLIT® FL. Operating speeds range from 600mpm to 1000mpm.

Advanced Print Solutions
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