Ronnie Cox Launches Mamo Plasti 350 Laminator for Digital Printing At Africa Print


The Mamo Plasti 350 automatic roll laminator, launched at Africa Print (22-24 July), features a high pile suction feeder with adjustable speed and delay and will let you process any kind of glossy paper while perfectly adjusting sheets overlapping for precise trimming. The single or double sided automatic laminator is ideal for single side cover lamination and encapsulation with films from 25 to 250 microns.

Adjustable temperature of the rollers and speed will let you obtain a perfect laminating result depending on the film used. The adjustable de-curling bar provides flat results on single sided laminations and the perforating device installed on top of the upper lamination roll allows an easy and clean manual separation of single sided laminated sheets. The optional bursting unit can be installed to make this process even more automatic and more time efficient up to a production of 380 sheets (DIN A3) per hour.

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