Robatech Showcasing Adhesive Application System For Packaging

Robatech Showcasing Adhesive Application System

Robatech will showcase its solution in adhesive applications, featuring energy-savings, repeatability and reliability. With the smart Vision melter, the new Performa heated hose, and the SpeedStar Compact application head, demanding packaging can be glued quickly and with high precision.

Robatech’s new adhesive application system raises reliability in the gluing of primary and secondary packaging to a new level. All three system components significantly reduce energy consumption and make life easier for machine builders and users with unique features.

With Vision Melter, the Smart Terminal displays current operating and status information via changing LED colours. Even from a distance, the operating personnel can recognise whether the gluing process is running smoothly or whether, for example, the adhesive needs to be refilled. The FlexPort, an innovative 45 degree connection surface, allows heated hoses to be connected at different angles to save space. The melter can be installed lengthwise or crosswise.

Performa Heated Hose: the PrimeConnect plug coupling is used to connect the heated hose via plug-and-play, error-free and without special tools. The fully insulated coupling
eliminates the usual thermal bridges.

SpeedStar Compact Application Head: the electric jetting head applies millimetre-sized hot-melt dots and short beads to tiny flaps and small surfaces. The automatic stroke control ensures consistent precision in adhesive application over the entire service life of 500 million operating cycles.

Robatech will showcase the system at next month’s PACK EXPO in Las Vegas, USA.


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