Riso Africa Raises The Bar With Comcolor 2150  


Riso Africa has released the Comcolor 2150. This compact, high-speed two colour A3 printer delivers up to 150 pages per minute in red and black, while incorporating a range of options and extras to deliver a flexible device to meet specific requirements.
Sonia Anderson, marketing manager at Riso Africa, said the Comcolor 2150 is designed for maximum effectiveness. ‘By replacing mono printers with a device that adds red to black, significant added impact is achieved on a range of communications. This machine is fast, it will deliver a 1000 page job of long-sided A4 simplex pages in 6.5 minutes. That’s around a quarter of the 25 minutes taken by a conventional office printer.’
The ComColor 2150 doesn’t just produce print jobs rapidly, it also takes next to no time to get to work, with startup taking just five seconds. ‘That means even big jobs are dealt with quickly, while the line-type inkjet system ensures a smooth paper path through the machine to minimise jamming for uninterrupted performance,’ Anderson added.
Like all good technology today, the Comcolor 2150 is a pleasure to use, with functions for printing, copying, scanning and managing data logically arranged for intuitive operation on a large LCD touchscreen. Even the task of replenishing ink is made clean and easy, with slim ink cartridges requiring no special expertise to change.
The networked machine can also operate independently, printing directly from a memory stick inserted into its USB port.
The ComColor 2150 has a range of productivity-enhancing options to automate workflow from start to finish. The high-capacity feeding and stacking accessories, and various finishing functions to streamline production, eliminate the need for outsourcing.
Options include:
· Scanner HS5000. The auto feeder enables scanning of double-sided originals at the same time. Documents can quickly and easily be copied, scanned or stored in PDF, TIFF, and JPEG formats.
· Face Down Offset Stapler: compact option exclusively for offset stacking and stapling finished prints.
· Multifunction Finisher II: automatically punch, staple, fold and fold + staple output.
· High capacity feeder: for uninterrupted, unattended, high-volume print runs without pausing to reload paper.
· High capacity stacker: stacking of larger output volumes, reducing user intervention.
Anderson said the Comcolor is designed for minimal environmental impact, with that focus extending to managing ink, paper and energy consumption, while maintaining optimal print quality. ‘The machine is ENERGY STAR certified and boasts many other energy-efficient functions such as automatically eliminating blank pages and combining multiple copies of the same page, or copies of multiple pages, onto a single printed page to save paper. The power schedule function turns the machine on and off at desired times,’ said Anderson.

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