Ricoh SA Offers Communication Services


Ricoh SA has launched Communication Services and Huddle Rooms for greater collaboration. A major component of the Communication Services line is Ricoh’s Huddle Room concept.

‘Huddle rooms are small conference areas that can be equipped with audio, video and display technology,’ said Jacques van Wyk, COO of Ricoh SA. ‘These digital workspaces create better teamwork, collaboration and meetings over traditional conference rooms across multiple locations. Team collaboration software and a number of devices, including BYOD or workplace-supplied mobility devices, create an all-in-one solution that uses existing Internet access, all without dedicated conference rooms, complicated technology or IT resources. Businesses can, as a result, simplify collaboration and communications anywhere and anytime, and make them affordable with a predictable fee.’

Ricoh SA has appointed Lauren Timmer-Somer Head of Communication and Technology Services. Timmer-Somer developed the same business for Ricoh in Netherlands to become one of the top five ICT players in Holland in this space.

‘Lauren brings a wealth of experience as well as expertise,’ said Van Wyk, ‘since she developed the model of thought leadership, speaker topics, and marketing that made Ricoh Netherlands so successful in this space.’

Timmer-Somer said, ‘One of the biggest challenges companies face today, globally not just in South Africa, is that they have office-bound people, remote workers and workers in different time zones who all need to collaborate effectively. They also have smaller budgets for travel expenses, not to mention the lost productivity considering the time their employees spend in transit.’

‘Huddle Rooms contain anything from interactive whiteboards to ultra-short throw projectors, systems for unified communications and interactive room management,’ she said.

The Huddle Room concept promotes collaboration while adapting to smaller meeting rooms using technologies developed by Ricoh as well as all popular mobile platforms that work together or separately.

Interactive whiteboards allow people to collaborate securely with fine writing and markups that seamlessly integrate with video and computing devices. Ultra-short throw projectors project large images in confined spaces with total portability. Unified communication systems integrate voice, video, and screen sharing through portable plug-and-play systems. The entire range is managed for room bookings, tracking, and using screens to display room availability and facilitate on-the-spot meeting bookings.

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