Ricoh SA Appoints New Head Of Marketing

Jolene Castelyn.

Ricoh SA has announced that Jolene Castelyn has been appointed its new head of marketing. Castelyn was previously manager of the IT Distribution Channel at Ricoh SA, leading the team and creating the division’s marketing strategy, and has been promoted several times within the business.

‘The team is energised,’ she said, ‘to develop Ricoh’s profile as one of the leading global technology businesses. We will focus on developing the message that Ricoh creates unique value beyond customer expectations and provides them with convenient solutions and services that instill confidence.’

Castelyn will lead Ricoh SA’s marketing and public relations campaigns across broadcast, print, and digital media and channels. She added that her current strategy emphasises operations across the smart, digital workplace and looks to accelerate growth in the commercial and industrial print domain. She will also encourage greater visibility of Ricoh SA’s transformation process and its robust learnership and internship capacity that has led to more than 180 graduates.