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The latest edition of Africa Print Journal is online. In this issue we discuss how Millennials require customisation, want to stand out and want prints done yesterday. We also highlight the solutions available to target this market. 

Other features in this issue:

The can-do spirit: new trends in beer consumption open up a can of opportunities

For beer drinkers of a certain generation, the idea of beer in cans has traditionally been a fairly unpalatable one. The beer inevitably picked up the taste of the aluminium, and 'canned beer' was often synonymous with 'bad beer'. However, this is decidedly 20th century thinking — and tasting.

Canon report illustrates growing security concerns

According to a Canon Office Insights 2017 report, South African businesses are investing in digitisation at a rapid rate, but uncertainties around security threatens to slow down progress.

Digital print continues to disrupt packaging

The potential of digital print is broadening, and packaging companies are only just beginning to realise the benefits on offer.

Managing customer relations

There’s been heightened interest of late in the effectiveness of the printed word. It started with direct mail associations finding higher response rates to print than to electronic equivalents. Printed book sales in developed markets are outpacing e-book sales. And even the newspaper industry is still seeing 60% of revenues coming from print.

An economic downturn survival kit: how to keep your SME afloat

With the rough storms of the economy we find ourselves in, it is time to get prepared. The key to surviving an economic downturn is preparation. If you don’t have a survival plan in place you may not remain afloat during bad economic times. There are seven items to consider for your economic downturn survival kit.

Discover digital printing start-up opportunities with the Africa Print Expo

The Africa Print Durban expo is taking place from 7-8 February 2018 at the Durban ICC in hall 3. Visitors to the expo can take off with opportunities in: solutions for digital printing presses, binding equipment, wide format digital, digital packaging solutions, screen printing, digital textile printing, finishing equipment, ink, software, pad printing, paper and board, litho print solutions, encapsulating/laminating and digital label printing.

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