Pro-Print Install Komori Presses From Kemtek


In an effort to meet growing demand and further improve production efficiencies, CEO, Barry Roberts and MD, Yvette Roberts from Pro-Print have recently introduced a bank of fresh converting equipment investments, with the installation of the high speed two-colour Komori LA-37P Sheet Press and a Komori LA-37 five-colour A1 press from Kemtek Imaging Systems.

Pro-Print remains constant in ensuring service excellence and world-class print quality. And, by combining the talent and skills of a 190-strong workforce and the most advanced printing and finishing technologies available, Barry and Yvette are continuing to lead the pack in the highly-competitive and specialised South African pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging sector.

‘Installation of both machines and operator training was professionally handled as always by the local Kemtek technical team. Since our two-colour has been up and running we’ve almost achieved 12-million impressions, that’s an average of 1.3-million per month,’ related Yvette. ‘The latest five-colour press is also earning its keep. Within the first month of operation we were achieving the highest print quality while getting our orders out quicker to customers. There are some minor interface changes on this press, but these have been outlined effectively and efficiently to our team, giving them the confidence to get the most out of their new charges.’

Accommodating numerous substrates and prints on both light and heavy stock, the LA-37 five-colour press provides the Pro-Print team with a maximum sheet size of 640 x 940mm and is equipped with a Komorimatic dampening system and Print Quality Control (PQC) system, plus a CMS colour bar, KHS-AI integrated control system, and PDCSII scanning density control system.

‘Our tender work for pharmaceutical packaging is constantly increasing, and the five-colour LA-37 press is providing top-class print quality and giving us the flexibility to produce high page-count inserts, which are becoming more widely accepted in the pharmaceutical field,’ Yvette said. ‘Overall, it’s fast and efficient and capable of handling even the toughest long-run jobs, and that’s perfect for our business.’