Printing SA Announces Training Courses And Other Industry News

Printing SA Announces Training Courses And Other Industry News

Printing SA has announced its training courses and information on the POPI Act.

Training Courses

Commercial digital printer programme

The programme introduces learners to the digital printing industry by teaching the key concepts and theories needed to become proficient in the digital prepress, printing and print finishing environments.

The programme is ideal for employees who are required to perform digital prepress and or printing operations. Experienced operators can also benefit from the programme as the modules provide them with the underpinning knowledge they need to enhance their practical abilities. Registration for this programme closes on 25 June. Learn more and register today.

Technical Theoretical Module 3

Printing SA’s Technical Theoretical Module 3 (TT3) will provide apprentices with the underpinning knowledge to competently perform any practical tasks they are required to complete in terms of the Competency Based Modular Training (CBMT) programme. Registration for Technical Theoretical Module 3 is open from 18 June 2021. Learn more and register today.

Adobe Acrobat DC for print and prepress

Printing SA’s Adobe Acrobat DC for print and prepress course is perfect for staff who have completed Printing SA’s first Adobe modules. This course has been developed for the signage, visual communications, printing and packaging industries and allows candidates to take on more roles within a printing or design business. The course meets the assessment specifications of the new QCTO Electronic Prepress Technician Qualifications. Learn more and register today.


Compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), also known as the POPI Act, will be mandatory for all registered businesses in South Africa effective 1 July 2021.

As per the latest update from the InfoRegulator’s website, the date for registering an Information Officer (and Deputy Information Officer) for your business or your client’s business commenced on 1 May 2021. Access the registration form here.

Covid-19 resources

To help members navigate the minefield that is Covid-19 related information, Printing SA has compiled a collection of Covid-19 resources available on its website. These resources cover a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from how to apply for relief funding to scenarios for businesses. Visit the Printing SA Covid-19 resources page.

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