Printing And Technical Products Highlights Novurania Printing Blankets At Africa Print Expo


Printing and Technical Products highlighted their range of solutions, including Novurania printing blankets as well as splicing tapes, press room chemicals and bookbinding tapes, at the Africa Print Expo, held at Gallagher Convention Centre from 13-15 September.

Novurania printing blankets are ideal for a range of applications:

Packaging commercial: The NTR 105 has a completely new face compound, formulated for optimum print quality even with alcohol-free printing and with VOC-free blanket washes. Mainly designed for high quality sheetfed printing, it excels in long service life when printing with high-pigmented inks and with frequent changes of stock format and gauges. It has excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals.

Self adhesives: NTR 101 S.B. is an adhesive backed compressible blanket that can be quickly and easily stuck onto the blanket cylinder. Minimal dot gain, fine reverse line detail and dense solids at all operating speeds result from the combination of a thick compressible layer with a micro-ground smooth surface. This purpose-coated adhesive minimises the risk of adhesive remaining on the steel after blanket removal by penetrating the fabric back ply.

Coating: the NTR 101 is a soft type highly compressible printing blanket, designed for modern metal decorating, for carton printing applications, and is particularly suitable for older type slower sheetfed presses, where mechanical tolerances require a more forgiving and soft blanket construction.

Heatset web: the NTR 114 is a new generation web blanket, designed to help reduce bouncing and gear-marking, associated with certain types of web presses.The newly formulated surface compound is characterised by outstanding physical and chemical properties that increase its excellent resistance to inks and washing solutions, while providing excellent ink transfer and sheet release, combined with outstanding compression set and rebound characteristics.

Coldset web: the NTR 112 is a new generation of printing blankets specifically designed for newspaper printing and incorporates the proprietary 'Pressurised Sinkless Technology'. It is available in the TF version, where neutral feed characteristics reduce paper overfeed, and it increases useable life on press. The RF version is a technically advanced reduced feed blanket, with dual zone compressible construction. It is designed to control web tension and colour registration mainly on tower presses.

Underblankets: these are suitable for use with either conventional or compressible litho blankets, as a part of the dressing for letterpress and gravure cylinders or underneath flexo plates. They are manufactured using the same process as top blankets to ensure accurate and consistent gauge control using only high quality pre-stretched, pre-calendered cotton fabrics.

The company also highlighted the Trelleborg Rollin blankets. Rollin gives superior resistance to UV inks and washes, optimum printing results on a variety of surfaces and durability.

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