PODi Case Study Videos Highlight Advantages of EFI Workflow


A new series of case study videos created by digital printing industry association PODi features EFI™ customer Standard Register and highlights the time and money saving advantages possible with end-to-end, integrated workflows.
The videos are hosted by PODi Workflow Practice Director Greg Cholmondeley and feature Standard Register’s Mark Tilling and Adam Johnson. In the new video series’ segments, Tilling and Johnson highlight the ways they use EFI PrintFlow® and Fiery® Central systems to automate and manage workflows at a Standard Register plant. With its advanced, integrated systems, the Jeffersonville plant successfully produces more than 1000 orders each day.
Gabriel Matsliach, senior vice president and general manager, EFI Productivity Software said, 'Standard Register has implemented an extremely impressive workflow that many print professionals will want to emulate as a model of smart planning and careful integration. The excellent series of videos PODi produced on this company’s operations is well worth watching for any print business interested in driving more profit and productivity.'
PODi’s new case study videos examine the process Standard Register took to establish its successful workflow, discussing software selection and installation, operator and manager impacts, and system programming. The series also details many of the final, positive results Standard Register saw in its printing operations and its bottom line following the workflow implementation.
Standard Register’s Mark Tilling also addressed the benefits of workflow integration and automation during a keynote session at EFI Connect, EFI’s annual users’ conference in Las Vegas.

The videos can be viewed online at http://tinyurl.com/jwypf55

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