Packaging Produced On Scodix Press Wins Award

Packaging Produced On Scodix Press Wins Award

Earlier this year, Shenzhen Wancai Linglong Packaging set up Wancai Smart Packaging, which incorporates enhancement work for the luxury packaging market. The company, which installed the Scodix Ultra 1000 press in April 2021, currently has a heavy focus on the wine industry but is planning to expand into the beauty industry.

This year the Tang Dynasty MIZAO Golden Top has been presented with a Muse Design Award in recognition of the wine bottle and packaging produced by Shenzhen Wancai Smart Packaging, enhanced with Scodix and designed by Chengdu Fenggu Muchuang Packaging Co., Ltd.

The owner of Shenzhen Wancai Smart Packaging stated, ‘Brands are increasingly producing packaging with Scodix Digital Enhancements following the installation of the Scodix Ultra 1000 and in conjunction with our existing Scodix Ultra press. In addition, these same brands have stepped up their design game to make their packaging extremely unique and beautiful. We are even seeing these packages win awards and become collectables. It is simple, the more unique the packaging, the more value it brings to everyone.’ Shenzhen Wancai plans to install a third Scodix Ultra press to keep up with demand.

Angela Zhang, Scodix China Sales Manager added, ‘Shenzhen Wancai Smart Packaging, the owner of two Scodix Ultra presses, is now planning to install a Scodix Ultra 6000 B1 press to keep up with enhancement demand. With the additional capacity, the Scodix Ultra 6000 B1 press will deliver further cost savings for Shenzhen Wancai Smart Packaging, its brands, and its brand’s customers.’

‘The demand for presses from the Scodix Ultra Series has been steadily climbing in China and now the Scodix Ultra 6000 B1 press is coming into play in the region. It is wonderful to be part of the packaging revolution, beating the competition, delivering unique products and increasing print value even as printers reap savings.’

The Tang Dynasty MIZAO Golden Top, winner of the Muse Design Award Gold award, is a high-end liquor inspired by the heritage of Tang Dynasty culture. ‘Golden Top’ indicates the best, echoes the spiritual needs of high-end liquor consumers and reflects the brand’s aspiration to lead the industry. Corresponding with its name, the bottle cap is golden, with its design based on the top of a pagoda, a wave-like shape, symbolising its lingering aroma.

Meanwhile the outer packaging uses Scodix enhancement to beautify Tang Dynasty calligraphy and a Zen picture of cranes in the lotus, a metaphor of auspiciousness and virtuousness. The golden protective pieces at the four corners strike a balance in the overall colour layout.


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