OKI Launches Smile Factory


OKI South Africa unveiled their ‘Smile Factory’. The OKI family prides itself on delivering a superior customer experience through exceptional service and a smile, which led to the birth of the Smile Factory.

This initiative’s goal is to enhance their current service offering and take service levels to new heights unheard of in the Southern African IT industry.

When surveying technical and service departments and asking what inspires them in their daily activities, the common thread was, ‘helping people and making them smile’. This led to the creation of the Smile Factory. Through this initiative, the OKI technical team is now known as Smile Engineers, no longer technical engineers or assistance, they are here to make you smile.

The philosophy of making people smile has completely changed the way of thinking and how OKI approach servicing and interacting with customers. Beyond creating a superior customer experience with OKI’s Smile Engineers, the Smile Factory extends to the entire organisation so whomever you are interacting with at OKI their aim is to make your day.

Greg Sellars, Marketing Manager at Printacom said, ‘The Smile Factory has been running internally for the past six weeks and we have experienced a noticeable enhancement in people’s attitudes and outlook. The Smile Factory is unique in the way that it has changed the company’s culture. The team has become even more motivated, positive and happier through the simplicity of making other people smile. The direct result has seen more positive customer feedback.’

For more information or to take part in OKI’s Smile Factory Pay it Forward Campaigns visit their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

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