Océ South Africa has expanded its continuous feed inkjet portfolio with the Océ JetStream 5500 mono printing system. This is the fastest printer of the Océ JetStream Wide mono series and gives the print provider new economies of scale and increased productivity.

Ideal solution for book, manual and transaction printing

The Océ JetStream 5500 mono inkjet printing system is a 254 m/min monochrome production printer with a 76cm (30 inches) wide paper transport. It produces 5140 A4 images per minute at a resolution of 600 x 480 dpi with multilevel imaging technology representing the ultimate in productivity and print quality. The 1200 dpi perceived premium image quality can be achieved when running this press at 200 m/min.

This makes the Océ JetStream 5500 mono inkjet press the ideal solution for book, manual and transaction printing. For example, trade books in the 15cm x 23cm (six by nine inches) format can be printed four-up, allowing for maximum productivity. This reduces the cost per book produced and strongly drives the economies of scale in favor of the print provider.

Experience from hundreds of installations worldwide

Océ, with experience gained from over 300 inkjet printers ordered and installed in the market, worldwide, continually improves its technology to ensure maximum productivity. In addition, the company continually strives to reduce maintenance time through simplification of mechanical processes. For example, the automated head cleaning unit, with fewer moving components, is just one of several improvements that help increase stability and productivity.

Continuous high-quality printing is achieved with the industry-proven Océ DigiDot inkjet technology that generates 1200 dpi perceived image quality at up to 200 m/min and 600 x 480 dpi multilevel image quality at a speed of 254 m/min with either dye or pigment-based ink.

Move from offset to digital

The Océ JetStream 5500 mono printing system is an excellent choice for print providers who want to move their short- and medium-run book and document production from offset to digital printing, said Jaco Smit, DDS product manager at Océ South Africa. Not only does the combination of speed and print quality offer a very attractive value proposition, it also facilitates the print provider offering their customers new business services, and at the same time increases their bottom line.

An especially exciting feature for the book and newspaper printing industry is the support of the native PDF (Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5) format, which is ripped directly on the printer controller, eliminating the costly and time-consuming intermediate process.