New Solution Ensures Flexible Colour Management On Digital Printing Presses

New Solution Ensures Flexible Colour Management On Digital Printing Presses

Screen Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. (Screen GA) and CGS Oris have developed a technology that predicts halftones from limited colorimetric data by using a proprietary algorithm and automatically generates complete CxF data. It provides flexible and independent colour management regardless of the skills of the digital printing press operator.

The entrance in working with CxF data was enormously facilitated and the efficiency for user who already work with CxF data has greatly been improved, because both save huge amounts of time in generating CxF data. Therefore, more companies can benefit from the advantages of CxF as it ensures a holistic communication of a colour and provides the best fundament for reproducing (brand) colours on different printing presses.

In the label and packaging industry, spot colours are often used to accurately reproduce brand colours. Especially in spot colour printing the colour exchange format, CxF, is known for more than 10 years as one of the best methods to capture and to transmit all details of a colour.

Unlike the conventional ICC profiles, CxF data include the spectral information of the spot colour including halftones and transmittance – and therefore allow accurate colour calculations and an optimal basis for a precise colour reproduction at any time.

However, the generation of CxF data takes an enormous amount of time as it requires printing charts, measuring colours for each printing condition and target values – this might be the reason why its spread is so far limited.

But the number of digital printer increases and printing methods have diversified and a growing need for skill-less independent colour management solutions that reliably ensure reproducing consistent colours across the fleet – even when switching from a flexographic printing press to a digital printing press, or from a digital printing press to another digital printing press – becomes apparent.

The new technology is available for the CGS Oris CxF Toolbox – the software solution to store, edit and communicate (brand) colours fast, reliably and safely. The setup is very simple, because the user just needs to output colour charts under certain printing conditions and put the colour measurement data into the CxF Toolbox. Once the setup is ready, the system can automatically generate CxF data of the particular spot colours or entire libraries without requiring any colour expertise. The generated CxF data can be easily embedded in PDF files to be used for a pre-press process.

The CxF Toolbox is seamlessly connected to the CGS Color Cloud, which is a cloud-based solution provided to communicate all stored CxF data with the entire supply chain. It guarantees access to complete colour data, which is always up-to-date and the availability for each authorised user at any point in time and any place in the world. Even large amounts of CxF data of brands can be organised and communicated with the CxF Toolbox and the Color Cloud. Additionally, the Color Cloud can be used with the entire CGS Oris Software Suite, like Press Matcher, X Gamut, etc. and can be connected to other workflows and DFE’s that work with CxF data.

Screen GA’s newly developed UV inkjet printer for labels, Truepress Jet L350UV SAI, processes PDFs with embedded CxF data and is able to separate them into up to six colours of CMYK + OB (the feature will be available in early 2021). In combination with CGS Oris’s multi-colour separation technology, X Gamut, Screen GA’s inkjet technology allows users to reproduce spot colours even with an expanded fixed ink set in high printing quality.


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