Morgana Systems Ltd, Milton Keynes, the UK’s leading manufacturer of equipment for digital finishing, has announced that it has withdrawn its patent infringement claims in Germany, and has licenced Multigraf AG, the Swiss based manufacturer of print finishing products to use its patented technology. Under the license agreement, Multigraf will be able to use Morgana’s technology in its new creasing and folding products.

Morgana’s Managing Director, Quen Baum, and Robert Barrer, the Managing Director of Multigraf, jointly said that it was important for European manufacturers to share technologies in order to reduce the time and cost of bringing new products to the market. 

They went on to say that it was also essential that European manufacturers focussed their efforts in stopping the influx of the low-quality unlicensed products which were beginning to be seen from China and other emerging markets.

Both companies stressed that they are committed to stop their technologies, patents and IP being blatantly copied by unscrupulous manufacturers and importers.