Mondi Launching Universal Paper


Mondi is launching a universal office paper that combines the best features of both grades and holds a unique position on the market in terms of whiteness. The transformation of the office paper portfolio focuses on the needs of the consumer for a clearly structured premium and universal office paper offering.

The new strategy applies to Mondi’s office paper brands IQ and Maestro, which take two of the top five spots for paper mill brand awareness in Europe according to the latest EMGE cut-size and brand positioning survey.

Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper said, ’With our new approach, we are initiating a significant change in the office paper market. Through our own market research, we have learned that our consumers care most about the whiteness, the runnability and the appeal of our paper. That was the driving force behind our new office portfolio strategy, which builds on the strengths of our Mondi mills.’

Mondi’s market research across several European countries showed that the difference between universal office papers, traditionally separated into B and C qualities, is becoming smaller and smaller, with the key differentiator being whiteness. Mondi’s new strategy disrupts this outdated classification and instead differentiates between premium papers and a single universal quality. Today’s end-users value premium quality paper for high-end company communication materials, while one universal product is sufficient for everyday office needs. Mondi’s new office portfolio offers customers the best of both worlds.

Within premium qualities, Mondi is launching another innovation with the new portfolio: a high-bulk office paper with a weight of 75g/sqm. The new product looks and feels like a high quality 80g/sqm paper, offering great opacity and the high whiteness customers expect of a premium paper, combined with the efficiency of a lightweight sheet.

Produced by Mondi mills in Austria and Slovakia, both of the new products in the premium and universal segments are FSC™or PEFC™ and EU Ecolabel certified.

Mondi’s unique Triotec sandwich technology

The group’s new strategy makes use of its assets in its paper mills, including the patented Triotec technology in Mondi Neusiedler. As its name indicates, Triotec technology combines three layers that are sandwiched together into one product. While the outer layer of all Triotec papers contain sustainably produced and certified virgin fibres, the middle layer can consist of various raw materials, such as recycled fibre or Bleached Chemi-Thermomechanical Pulp (BCTMP). The benefits include excellent bulk, high opacity and increased paper stiffness, enabling perfect runnability for high-volume print jobs and minimising machine downtime, as well as reduced machine wear.

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