Modico Announces 360 Degree Bottle Printing Solution


The 3sixty printer can print on any cylindrical or coneform object, whether made from metal, glass, paper, wood, plastic etc. Made in Sweden, it is renowned for its state-of-the-art UV-LED technology, and its speed (up to 80 bottles per hour).

3sixty produces crisp sharp results even at high speed printing up to 1200 x 900dpi. It also features simplified workflow with high speed and print quality. 3sixty is ideal for producing smooth gradients and lifelike images on cylindrical objects.

3sixty supports:
• Multilayer full colour print.
• White ink for full coverage on dark products.
• Primer for better adhesion (optional)/varnish for more effects (optional).

Compared to traditional printing techniques, such as label printing, 3sixty has several unique differences:
• Lower production costs.
• Quick switching between print jobs.
• Custom printing.

MODICO +27 (0) 83 456 7877

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