Markem-Imaje Launches MW470 White Ink


The new MW470 white ink can be used to code non-returnable and returnable dark glass bottles.

The opacity of MW470 ink delivers the contrast required for excellent legibility of codes printed on amber and coloured glass bottles.

The white colour blends harmoniously with the bottle decors, unlike the blue and yellow colours traditionally used. MW470 ink has the property of adhering perfectly to glass and yet it can be easily removed in washers using low soda concentrations. As far as manufacturers are concerned, this means savings in terms of soda and wastewater treatment requirements. Other advantages of MW470 ink include its resistance to pasteurisation and its capacity to code returnable bottles that have undergone scratch prevention treatments (Tegoglas and Opticoat).

All these qualities have led the major brewers in South America, Africa, and Europe, as well as many craft brewers in Europe and North America, to validate this ink to code their products. In addition to glass, all drink materials can benefit from the adhesion and contrast properties of MW470 ink: PET bottles, aluminium cans, metal and PE drums, bottle racks, removable films, and cardboard packs.

Lastly, used in combination with Markem-Imaje’s 9450S inkjet printer, the new MW470 ink has been designed to withstand the significant pressures of the sector, particularly in terms of speed, with up to 120000 products coded per hour.

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