Kluge Releases CartonsinMinutes Technology


Kluge and LasX teamed up to offer CartonsinMinutes, a laser processing and converting solution for folding cartons and other folded and glued products. This process uses digital workflow technologies in combination with laser converting, robotic automation and flexible folders and gluers to achieve on-demand packaging.

Combining laser processing with the Kluge OmniFold 3000 Folding and Gluing System to produce low volume printed carton runs is a cost-effective tool for the production of folding cartons.

Digital technology allows users to instantly respond to market conditions and modify carton design and quantities accordingly, changing the outlook on folding carton production.

• ‘On Demand’ production capabilities.
• Achieve intricate patterns unobtainable with mechanical dies.
• Cost-efficient short run and high volume production.
• Eliminate work in progress and finished goods inventory.
• Fully digital workflow.

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