LRXD Packages The Gift Of Water


LRXD produced a ‘Gift of Water’ New Year’s box with the aim of passing on some good to the world. The LRXD logo, nature of water graphics and the phrase ‘We never know the worth of water ’til the well is dry.’ were laser engraved directly on the custom-made box. 

LRXD Creative Director Jamie Reedy said, ‘LRXD wanted to pass on our health and happiness values to clients by passing on some good to the world. Ostensibly that ‘good’ was an ultra-cool black and silver-toned water bottle with ‘Health and Happiness’ printed on the side. While the agency gift simply seemed to be a sleek water bottle, the message emblazoned on the box was an important one.’

‘We’re on a mission to spread health and happiness. So we’ve made a donation in your name to help provide clean drinking water across the globe. RainCatcher creates sustainable drinking water solutions in the developing world through rainwater harvesting. With this donation, 5000 people receive clean water to drink for an entire year. From all of us at LRXD, thanks for helping us make life better,’ concluded Reedy.

Article and image source: Paper Specs.

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