Kongsberg Signs Deals To Install Digital Finishing Tables

Kongsberg Signs Deals To Install Digital Finishing Tables
Rafiq Shaikh, Kongsberg PCS; Rajiv Bhatnagar, MJ Global with sons Rohan and Ramit Bhatnagar and Prakash Boppa, Kongsberg PCS.

MJ Global has signed a deal with Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (PCS) to install the modular Kongsberg X22 at its Noida facility.

‘MJ Global specialises in offering folding carton, corrugated, and rigid box solutions to the market, which means we need a versatile and accurate machine that can finish various substrates,’ said Ramit Bhatnagar, Chief Operating Officer of MJ Global. ‘Increasing demands for samples by the brand owners and ever shortening turnaround times are factors that affect our daily business, and that’s why we were looking for a solution like this Kongsberg table.’

‘With the X22, we’ll be able to produce samples instantly, securing faster approval from our customers and improving efficiency and productivity. While the machine can be used to fulfil the short run demands of certain strategic customers, the table is so versatile that it can also finish a wide range of substrates, giving us the opportunity to expand our portfolio into other segments and helping us diversify.’

Rafiq Shaikh, Kongsberg PCS Sales Leader said, ‘We’re delighted to have completed another deal with MJ Global at Printpack (India). With seamless integration with CAD, the X22 will deliver more creative freedom as the company continues to lead the way in producing innovative packaging designs.’

Shaikh said the Kongsberg X22 acquired by MJ Global offers speed, power and flexibility to handle a wide variety of materials and can easily be upgraded as a business grows. ‘The deal includes the Kongsberg PowerHead tool,’ said Shaikh. ‘This tool excels on heavy duty material such as honeycomb boards, triple wall and recycled board, and was specifically tailored to meet the customer’s needs.’

The Printpack event also saw Kongsberg PCS ink a deal for the X20 with award-winning print and packaging solutions provider Pragati Offset, based in Hyderabad. ‘Pragati is a one-stop shop that delivers quality print jobs from structural design to production and distribution,’ said Shaikh. ‘Having the entire operation in-house ensures tight control over quality and faster turnaround. The Kongsberg X20 helps improve productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction for rigid and folding carton converters. The power, performance and versatility of this digital cutting table means the team at Pragati can tackle any job and bring designs to life.’

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