Kongsberg PCS Reveals Latest Feeder And Stacker At Drupa

Kongsberg PCS Reveals Latest Feeder And Stacker At Drupa

Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) has revealed its newest automation innovation, underlining the company’s commitment to developing digital solutions that maximise productivity.

Boasting a significantly larger vacuum plenum plate and several new features that minimise setup and the need for manual adjustments, the upgraded Kongsberg Feeder and Stacker v1.2 helps substantially reduce downtime and enable quicker turnaround to significantly boost throughput.

Nimil David, Kongsberg PCS Product Manager for Automation and Robotics, unveiled the updated machine at drupa (which runs until 7 June in Düsseldorf), describing it as ‘one of the most advanced automated sheet handling solutions for large format digital finishing.’

‘The Feeder and Stacker was developed as a pallet-to-pallet solution to seamlessly increase productivity,’ said David. ‘Its combined automatic loading and unloading significantly speeds up short-run production by eliminating one of the most common bottlenecks in the process, removing the need for operators to manually handle materials and enabling continuous production. With this updated version, we have maximised the plenum plate size and reduced other components to deliver optimum efficiency during loading and unloading.

‘An active coverage area of more than 95% eliminates the need for the plenum plate to be adjusted for each job, improving setup to further supercharge production and deliver even more speed, and value, throughout the entire job cycle,’ he said.

Visitors to drupa will be the first to see all the Kongsberg Feeder and Stacker’s new features firsthand, including:

New advanced vacuum system: boosted by incorporating powerful new blowers that ensure optimal airflow, the new vacuum delivers superior material handling capabilities.

Ease of use: with the larger plenum plate covering the entirety of the sheet, manual adjustments are minimised, resulting in a more streamlined operational experience.

Optimum pick-up power: the enlarged vacuum area ensures comprehensive coverage and delivers the most effective pick-up of cut materials.

Improved productivity: reduced setup time speeds up turnaround, driving higher productivity levels.

Enhanced reliability: fewer adjustable and moving components in the new Feeder and Stacker translates to extended maintenance intervals and quicker servicing procedures, maximising uptime and operational continuity.

‘As customers look to the future of their own businesses, they are focusing on automation to maximise their own potential,’ said David. ‘The removal of any manual handling between steps not only increases speed and accuracy of locating and removing materials, but also eliminates any chance of human error that can lead to damage and costly errors. These latest advances in our Feeder and Stacker technology serve to deliver an automation solution specifically designed to address these pain points and empower converters to maximise throughput.’

Able to handle sheet sizes of up to 3200 x 1600mm (126 x 63 inches), as well as all typical packaging and display material, incorporating the Kongsberg Feeder and Stacker into the production workflow means fewer pallet changes and continuous handling of materials.

‘The automated Feeder and Stacker is specifically designed to ensure no damage to the board or the print as it moves to the cutting table,’ added David. ‘The Kongsberg table then quickly registers cuts and delivers the material to the pallet with perfect stack alignment to ensure consistent production with the next step in the workflow.’

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