Komoris mission is to deliver better products and services to customers, and they are energetically carrying out activities that include not only the development of new products but also the preventive maintenance and environmental protection. At drupa 2012, the Komori solutions will roll out new digital printing technologies based on the theme of ‘KOMORI OnDemand’ and seven sub-themes will be presented:

    1.    OffsetOnDemand Solutions
    2.    Package Print Solutions
    3.    Efficient and Multi-flexible Print Solutions
    4.    DigitalOnDemand Solutions
    5.    KOMORI Assistance
    6.    KOMORI Ecology
    7.    KOMORI Web, Chambon and Security Printing

OffsetOnDemand Solutions

Visitors will see a demonstration of OffsetOnDemand by a combination of the Lithrone G40P (eight-colour H-UV-equipped 40-inch convertible perfecting sheetfed offset press), a machine widely proven in many installations, the Lithrone S29 (five-colour H-UV-equipped 29 inch or 0.7m sheetfed offset press), postpress systems, the Komori Color Management System, and a digital printing system.

‘OffsetOnDemand’ is a system that handles short runs and tight delivery schedules by cutting print preparation time, paper losses, and the time needed for all printing processes while retaining both the high print quality and high productivity that are the outstanding features of offset presses, by means of introducing a module that covers the prepress and postpress processes of offset printing and incorporates the latest digital printing technologies.

The core technology is Komori’s advanced H-UV curing system, which uses a new UV lamp developed with Komori know-how and high-sensitivity UV ink. Using a single lamp for each side of the sheets, this system ensures high print quality and reliability in addition to offering economic and ecological advantages.

Package Print Solutions

The new Lithrone GX40 Carton (six-colour H-UV-equipped 40-inch or 1.01m sheetfed offset press with coater for carton printing) – the ideal machine for package and special printing applications. In the demonstration, wide-range printability with H-UV on heavy stock and special substrates will be shown and many case studies of UV package printing will be introduced. This machine will feature special specifications, such as a high-resolution inspection system that is exceptionally beneficial when printing on expensive heavy stock and a roller conveyor system that facilitates the transport of heavy stock.

With an additional Lithrone G40 (five-colour IR-equipped 40 inch or 1.01m sheetfed offset press with coater), the ultimate high quality of printing and coating on sheets ranging from thin to thick will be shown through the combination of conventional ink and aqueous coating and the outstanding basic performance of the Lithrone G40.

Efficient and Multi-flexible Print Solutions

A new series of presses has joined the Lithrone lineup. Geared to the A1 market, the Lithrone A37 (four-colour 37 inch or 0.93m sheetfed offset press), packed with the basic technologies and high basic performance of the Lithrone Series, will make its debut at drupa.

Also making its drupa debut, and representing the Enthrone Series presses is the Enthrone 29P (five-colour 29 inch or 0.73m convertible perfecting sheetfed offset press). These two models are exceptionally easy-to-use presses that provide high print quality and performance.

DigitalOnDemand Solutions

At this drupa, Komori will make a major step into an entirely new field. A POD system (print-on demand-system) was exhibited as an OffsetOnDemand module at IGAS 2011, introducing the cooperation of digital with offset. At drupa, a POD system will be shown as one part of OffsetOnDemand. Moreover, two new prototype digital printing machines will be exhibited – one is sheetfed while the other is webfed. Detailed information will be available on Komori’s drupa stand.

KOMORI Assistance

At drupa, the current status of Komori’s global service will be shown. Retrofit products that improve the performance of users’ existing presses and service support such as Komori’s acclaimed preventive maintenance will be introduced in detail. Komori Assistance is Assistance by KOMORI Service – Service that Satisfies Our Customers.

KOMORI Ecology

At Komori, ‘green’ symbolises the co-existence of people, the environment, and nature. A mutually beneficial balance among these three elements ensures a bright future — this is the thinking behind Komori’s green concept. Based on this green concept, Komori strives for balance among people, the environment and machines and also develops eco-friendly printing presses. Displays at drupa illustrate Komori’s engagement with the environment by showing the actual status of the production environment and products.

KOMORI Web, Chambon and Security Printing

Web Press Corner – Komori’s System Series of web offset presses are renowned throughout the world market. At the exhibition, videos that document case studies of users who have installed these presses as well as the latest technologies will be shown, and a variety of printing samples will be presented.

Chambon Corner – A panel display will provide details of the inline presses for packaging that are produced by Komori-Chambon in France.

Security Printing Room – Banknotes issued by the Bank of Japan, which are printed on Komori printing presses, have a reputation throughout the global finance industry as being the most difficult currency in the world to counterfeit. Komori currency and security presses are exported to many countries. A special room for business discussion will be provided, and Komori staff will be ready to accommodate the inquiries of interested customers.

Print Gallery 

At drupa, a combined print gallery will be provided through a wide range of printing samples posted on the walls of the Komori stand and in the hospitality area together with special samples displayed in the DigitalOnDemand corner.

New products to be showcased at drupa:

Package Print Solutions

The Lithrone GX40 Carton with coater – the new machine that is perfect for printing on heavy stock. The demonstration will show printability on heavy stock and special substrates by H-UV and job changeover, including the coater, in high added value printing. This machine is equipped with a Fully Automatic Plate-Changing System (Full-APC) that performs sequence control to enable the fastest possible plate change, as well as a high-resolution type PQA-S that uses a two-camera system for the detection of print defects, which is a high priority in package printing. The PDC-SX on the operation console is capable of measuring special colours, which are frequently used in package production, and enables the inspection and maintenance of high print quality. The press will also have special specifications for heavy stock, such as Komori’s Non-Stop Delivery System and the Roller Conveyor System for paper transport.

Another coater-equipped Lithrone G40 will be used in a presentation aimed at providing a clear understanding of the performance of the press itself. In this demonstration, the high quality of printing and coating on both light and heavy stock will be shown with job changeovers using a combination of conventional ink and aqueous coating.

Efficient and Multi-flexible Print Solutions

A new series of presses has joined the Lithrone lineup. Geared to the A1 market, the Lithrone A37 will make its debut at drupa. This high performance, cost effective machine is designed to be a pressroom workhorse and comes equipped with Komori’s basic Lithrone S Series features. The Enthrone 29P in a five-colour perfector configuration is being unveiled for the first time at drupa 2012. The Enthrone is well suited to production of a wide range of work in short runs with stable print quality. With its ergonomic stepless operator-side design and small footprint, the Enthrone 29 fits easily in any installation space. It is a machine offering working efficiency that ensures higher margins and solid growth. By performing changeover between light and heavy stocks on both machines, the demonstration will exhibit printing efficiency, the ability to handle a wide range of work, and high print quality.

DigitalOnDemand Solutions

Two prototype machines, a newly developed four-colour webfed inkjet digital printing machine and a four-colour sheetfed inkjet digital printing machine, will be exhibited at drupa for the first time as new Komori solutions. In addition, a full colour digital printing machine will be shown for the first time as a POD system, presenting in the demonstration the potential for synergy with a sheetfed offset press as one part of the OffsetOnDemand solutions.