The company will showcase a multitude of innovative and brand new products at the expo.

The company has launched its SONORA XP Plates- the next generation of process free technology. The Plate is the next step in the evolution of process free thermal technology. Offering high-quality thermal imaging and the complete elimination of plate processing, SONORA XP Plates increase productivity, simplify operations, and remove costs by reducing the number of steps required for platemaking. These plates completely eliminate all costs associated with processing equipment and chemistry, while requiring less floor space and reducing energy consumption-all great for the environment, but even better for the bottom line.

Designed for commercial printers of all sizes as well as large web publication printers, SONORA XP Plates use a write-the-image, non-ablative technology that offers enhancements in both imaging speed and latent image contrast over THERMAL DIRECT Plates, to improve a customer’s productivity and the plate’s ease of use.


The system uses innovative, energy-efficient, high-power laser engraving to produce superior quality press-ready elastomer sleeves with increased production throughput. Kodak’s unique approach in supplying not only an engraver, but a complete optimized solution that includes hardware, workflow, and media, is seen as a real strength. 

Laserflex, a large German prepress provider and a subsidiary of abc packmedia and Horst Gries, was the first site to install a FLEXCEL Direct System and has conducted extensive testing. With its simple and straightforward operation, together with the media designed to optimize engraving speed and ink compatibility, the FLEXCEL Direct System will truly be a complete system. Having the equipment and media developed by the same supplier is truly unique, declared Sascha Paus, Plant Manager, Laserflex. Current results from our testing, which has included customer jobs and research print trials at DFTA, lead us to believe that the KODAK FLEXCEL Direct Imager is a good fit for our flexographic market needs.

PRINERGY Workflow is widely used among commercial print and packaging companies seeking increased prepress capabilities, customizable automation, third-party integration, and advanced color and screening proficiencies. The newest version goes even further by providing unified job management driven by production intent, resulting in reduced costs in the manufacturing process. 
In the new solution, PRINERGY Workflow captures product and processing information, reducing the time customer service representatives, production planners, and prepress operators collectively need to spend on preparing optimized production plans. Jobs are now planned with a customizable interface, automated and easily monitored across multiple devices. 

ACHIEVE All-In-One CTP System

Optimised for commercial, publication, and small-format offset packaging printers in emerging markets, the system offers complete access to Kodak’s state-of-the-art imaging and plate technologies that provide exceptional performance and a great value.
Whether customers are transitioning to digital imaging for the first time or upgrading to a higher level of performance, the ACHIEVE CTP System delivers all the benefits of Kodak’s thermal imaging technology, such as exceptional image quality, true stability on press and operational efficiencies, that many of today’s industry-leading printers utilize every day to differentiate their businesses. The ACHIEVE CTP System includes everything a printer needs at an affordable price, including platesetting, plates, workflow software, processing, and chemistry. 

It features the KODAK ACHIEVE Platesetter, which delivers stable, high-quality and consistent imaging specifically designed for the demanding needs of commercial, publication, and small-format offset packaging printers. The KODAK ACHIEVE EM Thermal Plates perform exceptionally well in prepress and in the pressroom, where they are rated for up to 200,000 impressions without baking. They deliver extraordinarily sharp detail and stability from mid- to long-run AM and FM applications, reducing plate remakes and variation. ACHIEVE EM Plates’ combination of excellent stability and latitude in imaging, processing and the pressroom, together with significantly reduced chemistry consumption and  fast imaging and processing, help optimize total throughput and overall cost of ownership of the complete prepress imaging system.

New Paper Rating System for KODAK PROSPER Presses

The system for KODAK PROSPER Presses provides quantitative image-quality measurements that book publishing, direct mail and commercial customers can use to compare similar papers and grades. Kodak has amassed more than 10 years of paper testing data and created a database of more than 3,500 paper tests. Customers will now directly benefit from that extensive research to make more informed decisions about the right combination of quality and price for each of their print jobs.
There are few, if any, consistent and widely accepted methodologies today for assessing paper surfaces for inkjet printing performance. While some industry efforts have been made to license chemical treatment technology to paper makers, these trademark programs provide no details of the image quality capabilities of licensed papers. Consequently, printers and customers are left to a trial-and-error approach to assess whether each paper will meet the requirements of each of their customers.
In order to assess paper surface capabilities, there are six metrics that can quantify and characterize the image quality expectations for each paper type. These tests are conducted under standardized conditions and results are simplified by Kodak into a five-diamond rating system. Customers will immediately know the image quality potential of a given paper, and with data, can make application-specific decisions based on economics and quality.  

KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions 

Kodak is creating a new gold standard in digital print for its KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Colour Presses with new Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions that enable true gold printing effects. The new gold print solution will be shown running at the Kodak stand (Hall 5, F09-1) at drupa, accompanied by samples of the pearlescent and neon pink options that will be available as Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions as well. Also shown at drupa will be the new inline UV coating capability as well as the long-sheet high-capacity delivery, photobook finishing options, and the ability for a high-speed NEXPRESS SX3900 Press to produce dimensional and MICR printing.
The new gold, pearlescent, and neon print solutions expand application possibilities, enabling providers to print more jobs for current customers or pursue new customers and markets. By adding eye-catching colours and effects, marketers capture their audience more effectively and generate a much higher response.

Inline UV Coating

The coating is made possible with the TEC LIGHTING TRUCOAT UV Coater. Customers have a choice of either an inline simplex or inline automatic duplex coater. Offering both a high gloss and a satin finish, this coater complements the range of coating solutions that are already available with the NEXPRESS Press and can be used with other Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions, such as gamut expansion, red fluorescing, and light black, to make prints stand out even more.
1000 fpm four-color PROSPER 6000XL Press
The 1000 fpm four-color press prints monthly print volumes (MPV) of up to 160 million A4 pages. Ideal for commercial print, direct mail, and publishing, the press prints at a maximum of 175 lpi at 650 fpm, or 133 lpi at 1000 fpm. It is up to 45 percent more cost effective than high-volume thermal DOD presses and up to 31 percent more cost effective than the PROSPER 5000XL Press. Furthermore, the flexibility in speed and substrates, as well as the ink saver mode, make the device extremely versatile.

3000 fpm PROSPER S30 Imprinting System

Offering the highest speed in the industry at 3000 fpm, the PROSPER S30 Imprinting System delivers 600 x 200 dpi output and gives customers a higher-performance choice for hybrid printing applications such as direct mail, inserts, gaming, advertising, package labeling, and more.

The systems include the S5, S10, S10 CMYK, S20, and now the S30. Each solution produces laser-like quality for imprinting at a range of speeds and resolutions, bringing high-quality personalization to offset print jobs. With the PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems, print providers are able to leverage their capital investments in offset presses and bridge the gap to digital in a one-step, inline process.