Konica Minolta South Africa (KMSA) has launched two new devices in one series, the bizhub PRO and Press C1060/C1070. These products also represent a milestone in production printing, as they are suitable for every customer from beginners to professionals, offering expanded paper-handling, inline finishing and image control capabilities to boost output power.

The bizhub PRO and Press C1060/C1070 are perfect for print providers in a light to medium level production environment. Both devices provide an easy transition into the digital field with features such as entry-level finishing and an optional modular concept for highest colour consistency. Superb image quality and the highest media flexibility provide ultimate performance for the user. For commercial printers and central reproduction departments (CRDs) with high volume demands, these machines provide professional modular finishing, outstanding colour, sheet-to-sheet and back-to-front registration stability, combined with excellent print quality.

This new series of digital presses features high-quality and high-accuracy finishes exceeding even the most competitive light-production printers. New technologies guarantee exceptional print results, including the Konica Minolta developed Simitri HD E polymerised toner which produces images with razor-sharp edges and lines, outstandingly solid colours and brilliant half-tone and skin-tone quality.

The bizhub PRO and Press C1060/C1070 also feature Konica Minolta’s Screen-Enhancing Active Digital Processing (SEAD),now in its fourth generation, to maintain colour stability and precise and reliable image forming during long press runs; and an output feedback system for measuring the quality on paper and automated real-time image density control and adjustment.
The bizhub PRO and Press C1060/C1070 series maintains high-level productivity with 60 and 71 A4 pages per minute (ppm) respectively, which equated to 3,316 and 3,907 pages per hour (pph), allowing Konica Minolta South Africa to create added value by increasing customers’ productivity. The same high-level optional functions usually reserved for high-end devices are now available in a compact yet comprehensive system, including an extensive range of inline options for the automated production of perfect bound and ring bound books and booklets. The series also has increased up-time with high-volume printing and flexible parts replacement.

The bizhub PRO and Press C1060/C1070 series enables print providers to create more business opportunities by handling a wide range of essential digital printing jobs. The popular air suction feeding feature is available in this series for the first time, improving paper feeding of thick and coated papers. The series even comes with an automatic two-sided printing feature for thick paper up to 300gsm and improved thin-paper feeding. In addition, the newly developed EF-103 fuser unit also supports high-quality envelope printing.

The new bizhub PRO and PRESS C1060/C1070 series boasts a number of green features. The Simitri HD E polymerised toner it uses has been specially developed for energy-saving performance. Additionally, the devices are made of a large volume of recycled polycarbonate (PC) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET),and have been designed to be as compact as possible, thus reducing their physical footprint and environmental impact.

Leon Minnie, product manager: production systems at Konica Minolta South Africa said, ‘With the new bizhub PRO and PRESS C1060/C1070 series, we provide an easy path to digital devices for all levels of production printing. We have listened to our customers and developed suitable devices for production printing with the ability to increase profitability and enhance business.’