Kernow Coatings Showing New Line Of Synthetic Media


Kernow Coatings will showcase a new portfolio of HP Indigo printable synthetics.

The innovations will be showcased at Dscoop this year in Vienna.

As part of the expanding range of HP Indigo product materials, Kernow’s latest line features the company’s proprietary Cobalt Coating Technology that helps customers maximise the range of materials available and provide optimal performance on press.

The featured line of print media includes Elite white synthetic papers, vivid coloured synthetics for speciality printing and the company’s new MetaliK for HP Indigo.

Building on 40 years of coating experience, Kernow Coatings has formulated their own coating experience for the HP Indigo.

The new Cobalt Coating Technology is a surface treatment that enhances the way synthetic media runs through the HP Indigo and provides users with HP Certified print media guaranteed to print.

The range includes a series of polyester, polypropylene and specialty synthetics that help users take advantage of rapid turn time.

These materials have seen early success in helping customers win business in the menu, booklet, photo, and point-of-purchase sign market.

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