Nilpeter Panorama Press Receives Color-Logic Certification


The Nilpeter Panorama DP-3 stand-slone digital press has received certification for use with the Color-Logic process for label applications.

Color-Logic director of sales and marketing Mark Geeves, confirming the certification, commented, ‘Test samples of Color-Logic printing done on the Nilpeter Panorama digital press were outstanding. Color-Logic has worked with Nilpeter conventional presses since our founding nearly ten years ago, ensuring that converters who currently operate Nilpeter flexo presses and add the Nilpeter Panorama will be able to use the Color-Logic process, for both flexo and digital printing.’

‘Nilpeter Panorama customers can provide 250 metallic colours to clients, together with unlimited decorative effects created at the design stage with no post-finishing required. The combination of Color-Logic and Nilpeter makes our decorative special effects and metallic colors available to Nilpeter press owners around the world.’

Color-Logic develops colour communication systems and software tool sets for a variety of special effect printing applications.

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