Kemtek Hosts HP Indigo VIP Open House Event.


Kemtek Imaging Systems hosted an HP Indigo VIP open house event at its Johannesburg premises on 23 January. HP Indigo representatives shared current market trends and some of the latest innovations from HP Indigo with clients.

HP Indigo business development manager (commercial) Tamir Hativa spoke about how the success of Indigo commercial printers rests upon a deep understanding of brands and consumers needs, coupled with consistent innovation and creativity. He emphasised that HP Indigo constantly strive to provide customers with unique capabilities, or ’super powers’.

HP Indigo business development manager (labels and packaging) Riki Tzirin discussed market trends in today’s labels and packaging environment, which includes an increasing demand for faster time-to-market, shorter runs and cost savings.

Tzirin mentioned that brands are becoming more reluctant to keep ‘doing the same thing forever’, which is why HP Indigo are becoming more responsive to the needs of a brand’s campaigns and limited editions. HP Indigo are constantly having to stay abreast of their clients new marketing strategies, design different machines for different market needs and get their clients ideas to market while still relevant.

Understanding market trends is what influences HP Indigo’s decision making in quality, creativity, security, as well as choice and versatility of materials.

HP Indigo country manager Alon Shacham explained that HP Indigo are experiencing an increased growth in market share mostly due to constant reinvention, while being driven by competition at the same time.

Shacham also emphasised the importance of HP PrintOS, a print production operating system with web and mobile apps that helps the user get more out of HP presses and printers, simplifying production.

Kemtek’s digital business development manager Wendy McLoughlin spoke about the company’s business development proposition, which includes helping customers understand their clients’ needs, as well as bringing print service providers together by hosting workshops and seminars, and identifying ideas.

McLoughlin also demonstrated on two different machines available, the HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press for commercial print applications, as well as the HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press for label and packaging applications. A wide range of other samples were also on display, produced by HP Indigo’s 12000, 5900 and 20000 machines.

Rapid 3D, a division of Kemtek, showcased two 3D printing machines; the Onyx Series (B) Markforged and Zortex, which included samples as well as a user’s hand guide.

Another open house event was hosted in Cape Town at FNB Portside on 25 January. A Durban programme is scheduled within the next two months.

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