Kemtek And HP’s Programme Gives Insight Into Global Digital Printing Trends


Kemtek and HP Indigo recently held a special one-day HP advantage sales and marketing development programme in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban respectively. Several sales, marketing and production personnel in the local label and packaging community traded the office for the classroom to participate in the event.

Presented by Manuel Schrutt, HP Indigo sales manager, Labels and Packaging Europe, Middle East and Africa, this special interest course, titled ‘Building Your Digital Business and Energising Your Brand’, included several key topics such as international market developments and how HP Indigo digital printers can help brands address top trends; supply chain management and cost reduction benefits; product life cycle management with value-added benefits; selling HP Indigo press capabilities and leveraging education and network opportunities through Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative).

To reiterate the values and benefits that HP Indigo can deliver, Manuel shared numerous success stories from global industry players, plus an array of world-class, visually appealing printed samples. ‘Based on real-life scenarios and best practice strategies of our most successful customers,HP Advantage provides each attendee with market intelligence and application knowledge to differentiate his or her business from its competition,’ stated Manuel. ‘Our aim is to arm each delegate with powerful, market-tested sales tools to accelerate marketing campaigns, plus actionable plans that drive higher sales and profits.’

South Africa’s latest round of attendees were overwhelmingly positive about the course and its benefits, as well as Manuel’s hands-on, practical teaching style. ‘Everyone was keen to learn more about maximising the profit potential of their HP printing systems, and Manuel’s presentations definitely fuelled animated discussions on local market ideas and potential game-changers,’ said Wendy McLoughlin, Kemtek’s HP application support & training specialist, who co-hosted the workshops. 

Emerging market opportunities

Launched in 2008, the HP Advantage initiative is a face-to-face education programme aimed at fostering the business success of HP Indigo digital press customers. It’s a clear indication of HP and Kemtek’s commitment to the growing local market, where 13 HP narrow-web label and packaging digital presses operate nationwide.

Among the South African programme highlights were discussions on global digital printing trends and how these are influencing local campaigns. ‘In Europe for instance, printers are marketing their digital presses in new printing arenas, no longer relying on short-run, niche printing jobs alone. Emerging trends include window decal printing, security labels and photobook printing,’ said Manuel. ‘Several are also attending ‘knowledge sharing’ events, such as the Dscoop annual conference, as a way of generating fresh ideas and updating marketing skills.’

‘Globally, price is always an important driver. However, more and more printing companies are learning to circumnavigate this thorny subject by highlighting the many benefits of digital printing, such as its flexibility and quick turnaround and, of course, its clean print process and quality finish,’ he continued. ‘I’m already impressed by the results that local printers and packaging converters are achieving with their HP Indigo systems and I hope that by attending the recent HP Advantage programme, delegates will have gained an even deeper understanding of digital print and how, by adopting a more focused sales and marketing approach, they can gain a better ROI on their investment,’ concluded Manuel.

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