Kalideck Launches Converting Division

Kalideck Launches Converting Division
The sheeter in the converting division.

Kalideck recently launched its new converting division at its premises in Selby, Johannesburg. The division will ensure greater flexibility and customisation.

The technology includes two state of the art machines: a four-reel, 1700mm wide sheeter and a 1020mm reel-to-reel slitter, which were showcased at an event held at the new division on 4 August.

The slitter in the converting division.

Romano Daniels, SCM Marketing and Stakeholders at Kalideck, discussed the technology as well as the division’s benefits. ‘The converting division helps us to focus on segments of the market where we otherwise would have to wait a very long time for commitment, in terms of supply chain. So this is the ideal opportunity and timing to find the solution to respond quickly to the market. What we’re trying to do with this converting division is to bring about unique sizes of paper that you otherwise would not ordinarily find,’ said Daniels.

‘The uniqueness in terms of the product solution lies in the spatial configuration that allows the customer to save tremendous amounts of money, because historically they were forced to go to standard sizes and then lose paper as a result because they couldn’t get a proper yield. But with the converting division, we can make exact size requirements for their packaging, print and book or binding solutions.’

Nick Gillings and Romano Daniels, Kalideck.

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