Imprimatic Printers, a litho print shop, has grown its business and expanded its customer base by offering digital printing services to its customers. The company has purchased a Xerox Colour C75 Press, a powerful digital printer with a small footprint. The C75 allows the business to produce demanding print jobs while being simple enough for all staff to use.

Imprimatic Printers bought the printer from Introstat, a Xerox reseller and Bytes Document Solutions, the authorised Xerox distributor in 26 countries in sub Saharan Africa. 

Imprimatic Printers is based in Braamfontein and has a large customer base as a result of the surrounding university and business communities. It offers a wide array of print media services focusing primarily on short to medium print runs from design to print. In January this year, the company's executive team made a strategic decision to enter the digital printing arena to add to its range of printing solutions.

With business becoming more and more challenging we wanted a press that was built to last, and was versatile and flexible enough to produce the most demanding jobs with the least effort, says Esendran Chetty, manager of Imprimatic Printers. We analysed the feasibility, image quality, reliability and productivity of several digital presses before deciding on the Xerox Colour C75 Press. It met all our demands, and also offered us many high-end features in a compact device. The print quality is impressive as is the productivity of the machine, which runs all paper stocks at full rated speed. We also have the option of manipulating and adjusting density uniformity.

Imprimatic Printers now has a rapidly growing digital department which works in tandem with its litho team. The business can easily commit to clients who require a same-day or 24-hour printing service without any compromise on quality. The new press is being used to print business cards, flyers, brochures, magazines, folders, posters, invitations, menus and manuals. In addition, proofs for jobs being printed on the litho presses can be created and signed off immediately without wasting any time.

Chetty adds, We have become extremely competitive and we can now meet all of our initial litho printing customers’ digital printing requirements too. We have attracted many passers-by as a result of our ability to do walk-in digital, and the C75 is also serving to filter jobs into the litho department.

Chetty says that he chose the C75 based on Xerox’s reputation in the industry. The Bytes Document Solutions team was extremely professional and shared their expertise throughout the delivery, installation and training process.  We did not just buy a digital press, we bought a renowned brand name, he adds. Another key factor for us was the after-sales service, which was a critical element in choosing Xerox.

The Xerox Colour C75 press is the logical choice for a print business that wants to build a digital department, says Paul Haglich, marketing manager for production systems at Bytes Document Solutions. The digital market is growing at a pace as print runs get shorter and turnaround times faster. A press like the C75 makes it easy to deliver on quality and speed, and offers a huge range of printed products.