On 13 November 2013, Pyrotec celebrated three decades as a Fix-a-Form® licensee, Pyrotec is a privately-owned supplier of product identification solutions and on the day of celebration, the company held an Open Day at its Headquarters in Capricorn Park, Muizenberg, in honour of the occasion.

Fix-a-Form® is a leaflet-label that is renowned for its ability to incorporate extensive information in the space of a standard leaflet-label, it is extremely popular in the agrochemical and pharmaceutical markets due to legislation that requires a manufacturer to supply information pertaining to a product's composition; including safety and usage instructions.

Current and prospective customers from these respective industries were invited to the Open Day, as well as media partners from various trade titles.

Comedian Dave Levinsohn began by welcoming the guests, endearing himself to the audience with a few well-timed jokes and introducing the various Pyrotec representatives that were to present at the Open Day. A video clip was also played that gave the audience a brief overview of the company and its various brands.

Rowan Beattie, Managing Director of Pyrotec, began by taking the audience on a journey of Pyrotec'spast 45 years in the business. He shared the history of Fix-a-Form®, dating all the way back to the 1970's when the UK-based Denny Brothers invented the first ever leaflet-label which took the industry by storm, leading to the establishment of Fix-a-Form® International with the purpose of recruiting independent printing companies to represent the brand globally. Rowan told the audience about his initial meeting with the Denny Brothers, arranged by a letter typed on a typewriter, and signing as the first ever international Fix-a-Form® licensee, which he illustrated with several photographs displayed on screen.

Rowan also shared some valuable insight around how Pyrotec has managed to remain relevant and operate at a profit for the last few decades. The key, he said, is to constantly innovate and not be afraid of growth and change. Also watch that your expenses do not exceed your income, warned Rowan, regaling the audience with a tip that he once read in a Charles Dickens novel, Annual income: twenty pounds. Annual expenditure: nineteen pounds nineteen and six – happiness. Annual income: twenty pounds; annual expenditure: twenty pounds nought and six – misery.

Jacques Loubser, National Sales Manager for Pyrotec PackMedia, listed the various product ranges with the PackMedia brand, and briefly discussed industry trends. Not only is legislation becoming more stringent, but we also see a demand for increased efficiencies, brought on by a bigger, more competitive market. Fix-a-Form® allows us to meet these requirements, and in addition, actually increase customers' production speeds by up to three times.

Timothy Beattie, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia, spoke about the company’s business capabilities and commitment to its customers, including a large investment in specialised machinery and various staff training programmes to ensure service excellence.

Timothy explained how Pyrotec has managed to say ahead of its competitors, Innovation is critical, and we strive to stay ahead by developing an in-house innovation process and encouraging teamwork and communication across all functions.

The presentations culminated in an interactive tour, where guests were divided into groups and taken through Pyrotec’s factory in order to gain an understanding of the various functions and processes. Attendees were then treated to an impromptu wine-tasting of Esona wines, hosted by winery-owner Rowan.

Lastly, everyone was transported by shuttle to the magnificent Harbour House restaurant in Kalk Bay, where they were treated to a three-course lunch in full view of the ocean – and perhaps another bottle (or three) of Esona.

The overall sentiment of the group was summed up by one of the guests who attended, Not only did the Open Day serve to provide us with a thorough overview of the Fix-a-Form® product and its massive benefits and capabilities, but it was also pleasure to meet the people ‘behind’ the company, and the supportive, dedicated and involved spirit was evident in all of Pyrotec’s personnel. A wonderful time was had by all – I just wish we had more events like this.