HP Indigo Announces New Labelling And Packaging Solutions


HP Indigo has announced an assortment of new solutions Print Service Providers (PSPs) can look forward to, featuring innovative technology.

The new-generation, B2 commercial printing solution, the HP Indigo 100K Digital Press, is now one of the world’s most productive B2 sheetfed solutions in the market. The first press in HP Indigo Series 5, the HP Indigo 100K is designed for offset players to adopt highly productive, on-demand digital printing.

‘As the commercial industry moves to demanding higher quality and versatile printing, the HP Indigo and PageWide Web Press solutions enable PSPs to easily move from offset to digital, keeping business on track for growth and profitability, with new services offered to customers,’ said Santi Morera, general manager and global head of graphics solutions, HP Inc.

Customer beta testing, which commenced before 2019 peak season, is now concluding at customer testing sites globally, including offset PSPs. ‘HP Indigo 100K performance is above and beyond anything we have experienced with digital printing. The automation innovation is enabling non-stop printing, helping us deliver orders faster to our customers and opening new profit-making opportunities for our business,’ said Vincenzo Cirimele, CEO of PressUP, beta tester.

The HP Indigo drupa commercial portfolio also includes the new B2 HP Indigo 15K Digital Press, based on the successful HP Indigo 10000 platform, selling more than a thousand units since launching at drupa 2012. The HP Indigo 15K is engineered to address the broadest variety of customer demands in a highly productive way. It now features greater media support, including for thick substrates, and ink versatility, opening new opportunities for PSPs.

Growing the capabilities of commercial inkjet printing, the HP PageWide T250 HD with HP Brilliant inks offers new versatility to expand application range with wider gamut printing on a broad range of papers.

Five new HP Indigo commercial portfolio presses feature cross-platform innovations that reinvent general commercial printing (GCP) for PSPs. Highlights include:

• The HP Indigo 100K Digital Press offers nonstop duplex digital printing and enables PSPs to deliver more than one million B2 million duplex sheets per month. Printing at 6000 sheets per hour (6000 sheets per hour in 3-colour Enhanced Productivity Mode – EPM-), the new 4-colour HP Indigo 100K press delivers significantly higher productivity compared with the HP Indigo 10000 series along with the look and feel of offset. This high performance is enabled by advanced paper handling and offset-like gripper-to-gripper design for precision registration, as well as unique Indigo digital advantages, including colour automation, calibration, fast switchover between jobs and media and five-input source feeder.

• The HP Indigo 15K Digital Press brings new quality with high-definition printing and FM screens, and versatility enabled by a wider range of substrates, now offering additional options with up to 600 microns (24 pt.). New inks include ElectroInks Premium White and Invisible Yellow. New high definition FM stochastic screens support increased sharpness for halftone text. The HP Indigo 12000 is upgradeable to new features of the HP Indigo 15K.

• The HP Indigo 7K is a 19-inch (SRA3+) digital press that offers a broader range of high-value digital applications with a media gamut up to 550 microns, with special inks such as HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver, high opacity Premium White, Invisible Yellow for security or unique applications and ElectroInk Easy Release ink for scratch-off applications. New features will be upgrade options to the HP Indigo 7000 series.

• The HP Indigo 7eco is an entry-level press with Indigo quality and productivity offering an economical and sustainable choice to sprint into digital printing.

• The HP Indigo 90K web-fed press supports simplex applications including banners, oversized B1 posters and wallpaper, incorporating new and patented algorithms for continuous print.

• HP PrintOSX unites the cloud platform applications with AI-driven service and support infrastructure to help customers get the most out of their press investment. Based on PrintOSX advanced technology, tools and know-how, customers can start building the Print Factory of the Future and reach operational excellence, automate production and innovate with high-value applications.

‘Our philosophy for success is grounded in two key principles – innovation and automation – and how they play together to build a profitable business for customers. All this is underpinned by a view towards reducing waste with a genuine concern for the environment. As we develop our product repertoire, we keep these guiding principles in mind. Our new portfolio reflects a range of products that offer unprecedented productivity, as well as new levels of quality and versatility, to inspire the unbounded creativity of our customers and the brands they serve,’ said Alon Bar-Shany, general manager, HP Indigo.

The new flagship 55.8cm (22 inch) continuous inkjet HP PageWide T250 HD, features HP Brilliant Ink and expanded media versatility for high-volume commercial, publishing, transaction, and direct mail applications. Advancements in the new HP PageWide T250 HD, also to be made available as upgrade options, include:

• HP Brilliant Ink delivers high-quality print with eye-catching colour, bold reds and dazzling blues with a glossy output. A new CMYK ink set offers an extended gamut, specifically designed to print with high quality on coated and uncoated offset media with one press.

• Expanded application range with the digitally printed HP Optimizer provides smooth colour gradients and fills by compensating for batch-to-batch mill variation on coated media while delivering high optical density with reduced show-through on offset uncoated media.

• Maintain quality and productivity via a built-in colour vision system and colour spectrophotometer. HP’s Quality Image Check vision system monitors print quality in real-time and provides the operator with performance insights while running the press at speed. Capture more business and meet customer deadlines with printing at speeds up to 152mpm (500 fpm).

The new HP PageWide T250 HD expands versatility

To match the productivity of the HP PageWide T250 HD, HP has teamed up with Harris & Bruno to create the H&B ExcelCoat ZRW Web Coater with breakthrough UV and Aqueous coating capabilities for commercial and direct mail applications, delivering new levels of quality, productivity and economics. The coater will be available exclusively through HP.

HP Service Edge expands its offering with the HP PageWide Training Edge subscription service that keeps PageWide customers up to date with operator efficiency. This service fuels business success through ongoing training services. Customers maintain a competitive advantage with operators who are experienced, knowledgeable and armed with the latest technology information and best practices.

‘HP continues to innovate with the HP PageWide T250 HD, offering commercial PSPs impressive quality and versatility to profitably grow their businesses on a proven press platform,’ said Eric Wiesner, general manager, HP PageWide Industrial Division, HP Inc. ‘Perfect for commercial print, advertising mail, publishing, transaction, and more, customers who adopt this technology enjoy leading-edge quality, blazing productivity, broad versatility and compelling economics in a press that is upgradable.’

The B2 HP Indigo 100 and HP Indigo 15K, HP Indigo 7K and HP Indigo 7eco for commercial will all be available at drupa or later in 2020. Value packs with various upgrade options will allow the existing customer base to benefit from new features and capabilities. The HP PageWide T250 HD will be demonstrated at drupa in June and available later in 2020.

HP Indigo V12 Digital Press

For label production, the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press, designed with next-generation HP Indigo LEPX architecture, is a narrow-web press that exploits the core power of Indigo’s Liquid Electrophotography (LEP) technology. First in the Series 6 platform, the HP Indigo V12 offers up to 12 colours on press, a speed of up to 120 metres per minute (400 f/pm), and multiplies productivity performance to match analogue speed (1).

A new, automated colour-matching technology, Spot Master, provides the industry’s fastest time-to-colour (2).

‘The need for high-quality, versatility and productive digital printing is crucial today, given the rising demand for same-day delivery, sustainability and customised print experiences. With the new portfolio, we’ve set the stage for our customers to grow and build the print factories of the future. In today’s fast-paced environment, where jobs can suddenly land on your doorstep, customers need the agility to react quickly so they can profitably cash in on those opportunities,’ said Morera. ‘Over the last four years, HP customers have almost doubled business, generating $15 billion in revenue in the last year alone from over 100 million print orders (3).

‘We believe the dramatic innovations in our drupa portfolio will usher in a new era that will drive continued growth for customers over the next decade and beyond,’ said Alon Bar-Shany, general manager, HP Indigo. The HP Indigo V12 Digital Press will be demonstrated at drupa. The press is scheduled for commercial availability in 2022.

New LEPX architecture unleashes the power of HP Indigo

LEPX releases the core physics of LEP technology, producing Indigo’s renowned, high-quality digital printing. In LEPX architecture, six imaging engines operate inline simultaneously, instead of LEP’s single engine, multiplying speed to match analog with the added benefits of digital printing. As a result, LEPX offers the speed and efficiency for PSPs to profitably produce large print volumes than previously possible. The HP Indigo V12 Digital Press is built on next-generation LEPX architecture.

Highlights of the LEPX:

• Operators can run jobs at a single predictable speed, regardless of the type of graphics, ink coverage or specialty colours.

• Up to 12-colours on press. Change inks on the fly and create any colour combination.

• Crisp 1600 dpi native print resolution.

HP 3D printing production opens a new era of digital manufacturing

More than 100 parts in the new HP Indigo drupa portfolio of presses were produced using HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology, including on the HP Indigo 100K Digital Press, HP Indigo V12 Digital Press, and HP Indigo 15K Digital Press.

HP 3D printing technology enables HP to accelerate learning and design cycles, delivering parts in days versus weeks, reducing carbon footprint (4) by decreasing energy and material consumption, with some parts up to 90% lighter (5).


Beyond the press, HP PrintOSX unites cloud-platform applications with an AI-driven service and support infrastructure to enable customers to get the most out of their press investment. Based on PrintOSX advanced technology, tools and know-how, customers can start building the ‘print factory of the future’ and reach operational excellence, automate production, and innovate with high-value applications.

Launched at drupa 2016, more than 12,000 HP customers are now connected on HP PrintOS, using a range of applications that leverage big data on the cloud in real time for all types of production challenges. Applications helping drive success for PSPs include:

• Marketplace, now featuring a new UI, is loaded with new applications and partner solutions, including information on the latest market trends and business opportunities, as well as hundreds of free open artwork files that customers can customise for their needs.

• Mosaic now made easier. In collaboration with Microsoft Xiaoice, unlimited unique ‘mosaic-ready’ seed patterns created by AI technology are available in Marketplace. Enabling designers to create unique hyper-customisation projects faster and more cost effectively, the first 4000 mosaic patterns are available free of charge until the end of 2020.

• HP Site Flow is an end-to-end production automation solution from ordering to shipping. Site Flow offers now three user levels – Lite, Pro and Enterprise – supporting PSPs producing as few as 50 jobs per day to over 10,000. In 2019, more than 20 million print orders were processed by Site Flow, a 34% increase year-over-year.

• Color Beat now enables automated G7 colour certification via HP Indigo press connectivity.

• Predictive Press Care algorithms proactively address potential press issues before they impact production.

The drupa portfolio also introduces the new narrow-web HP Indigo 6K and HP Indigo 8K digital presses for labels, the HP Indigo 25K for flexible packaging and labels, and sheetfed HP Indigo 35K and roll-to- B1 sheet HP Indigo 90K for folding cartons. Value packs with various upgrade options will allow the existing customer base to benefit from new features and capabilities.

Spot Master will be available for the HP Indigo 35K, HP Indigo 25K, HP Indigo 6K and HP Indigo 8K presses. Brand Beat, a new application offered in HP PrintOSX, delivers real time colour reports directly to converters and brands.

PrintOS Production Pro for Indigo Labels and Packaging, featuring HP Indigo’s fastest HP Indigo Raster Image Processor (RIP), is seamlessly integrated with the new Esko Automation Engine for HP Indigo, allowing converters to process more jobs per day. HP PrintOSX unites the cloud platform applications with AI-driven service and support infrastructure to help customers get the most out of their press investment.

With its suite of tools and applications, customers can start building the digital Print Factory of the Future and reach operational excellence by automating production and minimising operator touchpoints.

Additionally, the HP Indigo 6K Digital Press is the new model of the highly successful, high-versatility HP Indigo 6000 series. The press can deliver more applications using higher opacity white for shrink sleeves, new inks including silver, fluorescents, invisible red and green for brand protection applications and new varnishes from leading partners for higher durability. The HP Indigo 8K offers increased productivity, reduced waste and easier transitioning between media types and jobs. High-capacity label production and flexible packaging on the new mid-web HP Indigo 25K Digital Press are supported with a new slitter for labels, making it easier to diversify into new and lucrative applications.

With HP Indigo Secure and partner solutions, converters can provide brand protection solutions using special inks, anti-counterfeiting marks, micro-text fonts and protected track and trace solutions. Digital embellishment solutions from HP Indigo and partners offer ways to stand out, including the inline KURZ DM-JETLINER digital metallisation solution, HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver for metalising the colour gamut, and HP Indigo GEM, a digital print-and-embellish, one-pass solution integrated with the HP Indigo 6K Digital Press.

Building on the experience of over 100 folding carton press installations worldwide, the HP Indigo 35K introduces significant enhancements:

• Fastest time to colour with Spot Master colour automation.

• Faster job changeover with drawers, pallet feeder and proof-while-print capabilities (6).

• Printing on thinner substrates from 150 microns to capture applications such as rigid boxes.

• New HD printing with 1600 dpi for enhanced print quality.

• New HP Indigo ElectroInk Premium White for higher opacity.

• New ElectroInk Invisible Yellow, track0-and-trace solutions and security elements for multi-layered brand protection applications on one press, in one pass.

• TRESU iCoat II, integrated with the HP Indigo 35K, delivers offset-quality for overprint varnish and coating applications using industry-standard UV or water-based varnish in a single production pass now optimised for high accuracy varnish registration at full speed.

The new HP Indigo 25K Digital Press is designed to help converters meet brand needs with an even more attractive total cost of ownership, a wider media range to deliver compostable and recyclable pouches and more choices to create a digital pouch factory. Advances to help converters harness production power include:

• Fastest time to colour with Spot Master colour automation.

• Optimised lamination solutions with the new SuperSimplex e800 laminator by Nordmeccanica. The 800 mm wide solventless laminator offers low waste and reduced energy consumption for on-demand pouch production. The field-proven Karlville Pack Ready thermal laminator and Karlvile KS-DSUP-400 pouch maker are optimised for shorter runs.

• Greater flexibility with two white ink stations.

• Higher productivity with frame expansion from 729 mm to 737 mm.

• Sustainability credentials include the Green Leaf mark and certification from TUV Austria’s ‘OK Compost’ verifying HP Indigo ElectroInks can be used as printing inks for packaging and are recoverable through composting and biodegradation in accordance with leading standards (7).

In addition, HP Indigo ElectroInks comply with leading food packaging regulations and are free of UV-reactive chemistries (8). All Indigo presses are manufactured carbon neutral.

(1) Compared to printing competitors providing narrow-web solutions as of March 10, 2020.

(2) According to HP Internal analysis of print solutions as well as customer validations.

(3) According to HP internal data.

(4) Carbon footprint reduction based on HP comparative analysis between CNC machined parts and 3D printed plastic parts. The analysis shows that there is a benefit to be gained in switching the original metal fixture for a 3D printed design. Depending on the design iteration and material, the carbon footprint reduction can be between 44% to 83%.

(5) Weight reduction calculated based on: Aluminium machined part: 10kg, MJF part: 0.8 kg.

(6) Compared with the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press.

(7) Certified for certain HP Indigo inks and up to specified limits.

(8) Printing on non-food-contact side, under well-defined conditions of use.

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