HP is enabling print service providers to increase their productivity with the launch of HP SmartStream Production Center and HP Indigo Print Care 2.0. Both offerings are designed to help increase the productivity and efficiency for printer service providers (PSPs) across entire print production operations.

First seen as a prototype at drupa 2012, HP SmartStream Production Center is a first-of-its-kind based on HP Internal analysis of competitive offerings. software-based production management system that is designed to address the challenges of efficiently receiving, producing and delivering high volumes of short-run print jobs. The system helps PSPs meet aggressive customer deadlines by improving job status visibility, identifying and eliminating bottlenecks, and monitoring production, enabling more effective use of the PSPs capital equipment.

HP SmartStream Production Center is a versatile system that can fit into any production environment. It manages a high number of jobs received from multiple sources, including web portals, MIS systems, and prepress tools.  It then automatically routes them to multiple production platforms, regardless of whether they are HP Indigo Digital Presses or non-HP digital presses, offset presses and finishing equipment.

HP SmartStream Production Center tracks print jobs from start to finish in real time using job definition and job messaging formats (JDF/JMF), barcode scans or manually entered data. Customisable dashboards then display a comprehensive view of the print production status and highlight urgent requests or errors to production managers and press operators. The system batches print jobs together and balances loads between devices to optimise production.

On-press support with HP Indigo Print Care 2.0

Another tool designed to increase efficiency and productivity on the production floor is HP Indigo Print Care 2.0, a comprehensive toolset that provides fast, accurate diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance tools to maintain effective operations.

HP Indigo Print Care offers on-press diagnostic and remote support tools to keep press operations on track and assist PSPs in any technical issue they may face. Press operators working independently are guided through automated or manual processes, and can also access live support from HPs remote support centres.

Communicorp, a leading marketing company producing solutions for email, social, mobile and direct mail, operates HP Indigo digital presses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. HP Indigo Print Care 2.0 helps Communicorp pinpoint issues and complete tasks efficiently.