GMG has launched GMG ColorServer 4.8, which includes new features such as adjusting data to match proofs to actual production stock and printing directly to a Windows printer from a PDF file hot-folder.

GMG ColorServer provides superior, easy-to-use, colour management. It delivers consistent and repeatable colour results to all output processes—offset, gravure, and digital print as well as online digital displays. It automates the transformation of RGB, CMYK, spot colours and mixed data to a standard, definable output colour space. With GMG ColorServer, data from different sources will behave identically on the press. The result is a marked reduction in make-ready times and paper waste.

GMG gamut mapping ensures that colours are ideally converted between different colour spaces. GMG’s DeviceLink approach avoids drawbacks of ICC technology, such as re-separation of the black channel. A completely new set of profiles makes GMG ColorServer 4.8 a plug-and-play solution that covers all-important international printing standards.

Given the nature of content distribution, while GMG ColorServer is used predominantly for print, we are finding that many companies are also using GMG ColorServer for online colour, converting files to RGB. Just as brand and product colours must match in a printed brochure, packaging or display, they should also reproduce as accurately as possible on a monitor’s web page or mobile device, said Michael Farkas, GMG Marketing Director.

While we have added many new features to GMG ColorServer 4.8, GMG has two new, particularly helpful tools, said Farkas. The first is the Paper Adaptation tool, our solution to help print houses overcome the problems of a mismatch between the paper tint of the proof according to ISOcoatedV2, GRACoL, JapanColor or any other standard, and the white point of the actual paper they will print. With this tool you just pick the colour of your substrate and ColorServer will adapt the data to match the proof. This solves a common problem experienced at almost every printing facility throughout the world. Also, GMG ColorServer can now output files from a PDF hot folder directly to any Windows printer.

Delivering exceptional PDF file conversions

A number of other features for the conversion of PDF files have been updated within GMG ColorServer 4.8. The most significant improvements include:

 The separation of spot colours to a late-binding CMYK: It is now possible to accurately convert spot colours into a large printer gamut.

Improved Image compression: All flattened images can be treated with either ZIP or JPEG compression, considerably reducing file size.

Revised sharpening is done in the target colour space of the last colour management step, typically in CMYK, and can be set more precisely.

Tools to assure colour accuracy

In addition to the Paper Adaptation Tool, GMG ColorServer 4.8 contains all new RGB-to-CMYK separation profiles that are now part of GMG normalisation.

Features to enhance digital printing

Along with printing PDF files directly to a Windows printer, GMG ColorServer can use the wide gamut of an output device to print spot colours more accurately when referring to a calibrated setting.

More control to optimise performance

PDF file processing time depends upon the size and complexity of objects inside a PDF file— along with, of course, the computer itself. The input/output performance of the hard drive with temporary data and the number of concurrent PDF processes that must share the resources of a computer (CPU, memory, hard drive) can considerably affect performance. GMG ColorServer system settings can define the temporary folder for PDF processing, allowing the user to select the drive with the best I/O performance to accelerate PDF processing. The user can also set the number of concurrent PDF processes, defining the breaking point where a higher number of concurrent processes won’t provide any additional benefit.

GMG ColorProof 4.8 takes an important step into the future of colour management. We have been listening carefully to our customers, said Farkas. Not only have we added requested features. We acknowledge that our customers are getting involved in more facets of print—digital printing is certainly a significant trend that requires careful attention to colour. However, our customers are also offering more online services, requiring their own careful colour management. Our customers understand that GMG ColorServer is an all-encompassing solution.