How to create a VDP bill?


1). Select the data source .

2). Enter the barcode data –The EAN13 barcode needs exactly 12 digits (or 13 digits including the check digit). By default you will see the sample data “123456789012” if the checkbox “Example Data” is checked.??

3). Select the output resolution –The output resolution can be adjusted in.

4). Specify the dimensions

5). Fine-tune the module width.

6). Set font style and size

7). Export or print.

Key features
• Intuitive user interface
• Wizard for creating expressions and business rules
• Instant preview and warning display for verification and error prevention before printing
• Free barcode library
• Supports Unicode and Double-Byte characters
• Page picking per record in multi-page designs
• Preflight check on variable data
• Serialisation and crash numbering
• Layout repetition and multi-up printing, such as label printing
• Print through-the-stack for easy sorting of multi-ups after cutting operation
• Paper tray selection and subset finishing
Optional add-on
Uccsoft SmartVizor
Combine VDP with image personalisation for eye-catching one-to-one communication.
Nowdays, every promotional piece can be fully customised to target customers based on specific information. By combining VDP with image personalisation you will catch your customer’s attention at first sight and differentiate yourself.
Uccsoft SmartVizor is a design tool that enables image personalisation with the integration of variable text in high-quality photos and background images to immediately capture the reader’s attention.

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