Screen GP Partners With TagG Informatique To Develop IPDS Controller


Screen GP’s Truepress Jet520 HD and Truepress Jet520NX high speed inkjet presses will feature a fully native Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) controller, developed in partnership with TagG Informatique (TagG).

For many variable data/transactional applications, the ability to output AFP/IPDS is essential and TagG, France, specialises in building high-specification, super-fast controllers. The solution developed for Screen allows the Truepress continuous inkjet printers to run at full speed no matter how complex the data. A key feature is the ability to connect to existing legacy workflow and output management systems in a completely transparent way.

Another benefit is that users can also sit the TagG controller on the same server infrastructure as the Screen EQUIOS software. This combination will allow users to process both legacy AFP/IPDS as well as being able to use the EQUIOS colour tools when outputting PDF. Both data formats have benefits and the option for native output through a single controller provides the best of both worlds.

The IPDS controller is already available for the Truepress Jet520 and EX-Mono models in the Truepress Jet520 Series and will be released for the HD and NX models later this year.

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