Horizon International Inc. will be exhibiting at drupa 2012  3 -16 May at messe Dusseldorf despite the economic and market circumstances.  A total of 28 kinds of systems and solutions will be displayed on a 1200 square
metre space (booth) and efficient production workflows will be itnroduced
under the concept of Focus on post press, it is the key to production
efficiency. In addition, there will be a focus on growing the digital printing
market and realistic and practical systems to finish digital
printed products will be demonstrated. The booth will be divided into five zones, two presentation
areas, perfect binder area, booklet making area, and folding area.

Horizons theme for drupa is ”The World Loves Books”. The digital revolution continues to spark innovations in our life. Digital media like e-books have rapidly spread throughout the world. Horizon believes that the paper book will continue to exist along side the e-book. The reader will decide which media satisfies their needs or will provide the best reading experience at a given time.

The digital revolution has actually raised the value of the printed book by making it less of a commodity. Today books are printed on demand when they are needed, or more importantly when they are “wanted”. Paper books have been and will continue to be a heartwarming way to communicate fact, fiction and emotion. Horizon has always been committed to designing and building the highest quality book binding machines. At the same time they believe it is their mission to promote and pass along to future generations, the importance of printed books in our lives.

Eight new solutions will be introduced for the first time at drupa 2012.

Flexible Binding System – CABS4000S + AF-566F Digital with PSX-56
A flexible perfect binding solution which can handle both offset and
digital print output depending upon your needs. The system is configured
with an AF-566F digital + PSX-56 folding and stack output system with
an interface conveyor to the CABS4000S perfect binding system. For
offset print, folded signatures are gathered into book blocks, bound and
trimmed. For digital print, printed rolls are cut and folded into
sequential signatures to produce complete book blocks that are delivered
directly into the CABS4000S binding and trimming system for a complete
roll to finish solution.

Digital sheet feeder – HOF-400

Superior feeding performance and modular concept design enables flexible
booklet production for digital printed output. Uniquely designed
feeding system is very fast at up to 42000 sheets per hour with A4 short
edge feeding. Main feeder, cover feeder, accumulator, CCD camera
device, and barcode reading device can be arranged in various
configurations. The system can be connected with the SPF-200A and
StitchLiner5500 systems.

Creaser folder – CRF-362
A Creaser and folder system which can produce high quality folded
products without image cracking even with digital printed on a wide
range of lighter and cover weight stocks, coated or uncoated. Up to 10
creases are possible on one sheet with up or down creasing possible in
one pass. Two folding knifes insure accurate and consistent folding
quality a wide range of substrates.

Smart Book Solution – AF-566F Digital + PSX-56/ BQ-470
Perfect binding solutions combining a folder, perfect binder and three
knife trimmer using existing and proven Horizon products.
Roll-to-perfect binding system can also be configured in minimum foot
print to achieve On Demand book production. This configuration reduces
the risk of loose sheets or book blocks being compromised during
transportation. A higher level of quality control such as sheet
verification, set verification, and cover and book block matching can
also be equipped.

Automatic Folder – New AFC-566FG
The best selling AFC-566FG is upgraded with various useful functions.
Gathering input from the field, the system is re-born as new system. In
addition to current intuitive set up and operation new features such as
print mark registration, conveyor control, maintenance scheduling, and
sheet control are add to achieve more easy and productive operation.

Offline all in one booklet maker – SF-100 + CW-8000NL
The CW-8000NL is an all in one near line booklet maker that combines,
bleed trimming, creasing, stitching, folding, face trimming and
stacking. This digital finishing solution produces high quality booklets
with edge to edge printing. SF-100 is equipped with a mark reader and
is capable of producing booklets with varying page counts.

Digital Finishing Solution – Smart Book Solution and Roll to Saddle stitch Solution
Smart Book Solution will be shown in collaboration with Screen and
hunkeler. Printed rolls are provided from Screen printing with Truepress
Jet520 and Roll are unwind and cut with hunkeler’s UW-6 and CS-6.
Sheets are transport into AF-566F digital to fold signature and stacked
into book block at PSX-56. Each book blocks are delivered to infeed
section at BQ-470 and then three-side trimmed.

Roll to Booklet Solution will be shown in collaboration with Oce and
hunkeler. Rolls are printed with Oce ColorStream 3500, and Roll are
unwind and cut with hunkeler’s UW-6 and CS-6 and then saddle stitched by
StitchLiner6000 Digital. Products will be personalized booklet with
variable sheet counts. This presentation will be demonstrated 4 times a day, twice for English
and another twice for Germany. Also we will prepare guide book of
presentation for variable language.

Horizon Booth: Hall 13 D36-1, D-36-2