Hohner Announces Installation Successes With Hybrid Stitcher

Hohner Announces Installation Successes With Hybrid Stitcher

The modular design of the HHS-FUTURA (Hohner Hybrid Stitcher) allows users to assemble the components in a very individual way depending on the requirements. At least 17 different combination variants of the saddle stitching system are available to the user, eight of them even in parallel operation mode.

An automated stitching station with a 38.1cm (15 inch) touch screen, intuitive and text-free, and a trimmer for a B4 end format with optimal cutting quality are the basis of the Futura. For example, the cross cutter, creasing fold unit and saddle stitcher can be freely configured in addition to the five feeder variants.

With the HHS-FUTURA, Hohner has set another milestone in its company history. The concept with up to five functions can grow modularly and flexibly with the needs at any time, in terms of technology, quantity and diversity.

The user-friendliness and the robust machine construction are also properties that increase the guarantee of success in the market. Two French companies that are specialised in the production of customised print products have already opted for the Futura – both with roll unwinding. The collating towers are in the test phase in Germany now.

The Futura arose from experience with the hybrid saddle stitchers Digi-Finisher and Digi-FS 9 as well as new market requirements: a long term configurable and expandable machine concept that copes with the trend of smaller runs and ever more diverse, more individual products.

As a supplier, Susanne Schöllhorn, Marketing and PR, introduced the Hohner company with a new business area, ‘The expansion of in-house production with the latest technology means that Hohner can now also act as a contract manufacturer. ‘

Sales Manager Uwe Buhmann added, ‘The latest generation of manufacturing technology, paired with 90 years of experience in mechanical engineering, grant our competence, quality, adherence to schedules and customer orientation. Our milling manufacturing machinery offers ideal conditions to produce prototypes as well as medium and small series.’

‘Every day, the most complex parts are manufactured in our processing centres at the highest technological level with the necessary expertise. As a machine builder (and therefore with our own experience), we know the importance of precision. Qualified specialists, including ten design engineers, with broad knowledge of materials and specific know-how, from programming to five-axis milling, can now also meet the requirements of customers outside the graphics industry,’ added Schöllhorn.

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