Highcon Systems Launches Cloud-Based Data Information Platform

Highcon Systems Launches Cloud-Based Data Information Platform

Allowing users to monitor their Highcon system production performance, the HighConnect platform will enable users to keep track of key performance indicators and improve manufacturing efficiencies from their Highcon digital cutting and creasing systems.

HighConnect automatically collects and monitors productivity and utilisation data from Highcon system(s), including system status, speeds, and job setup times to give a full overview of the production process. The platform then displays reports in its intuitive dashboard, providing the user in-depth insights in a fully connected digital platform. HighConnect allows converters to make strategic production decisions, monitor business goals and improve their workflow to maximise throughput.

The HighConnect platform provides a visual overview of production data-driven trends, on-demand, from any PC or handheld device. It has indications of key performance metrics to keep track of production, as well as an in-depth insight into near real-time production data to be analysed by job types, substrate type and time periods. The platform also reports on actual production vs. planned for improved planning and decision making and provides the opportunity to drill down into setup times to identify areas for self-improvement.

‘HighConnect is the next step in performance reporting for digital finishing, significantly reducing the amount of time needed to run analysis and enabling operators to accelerate productivity. It supports our vision for a digital manufacturing strategy, providing total control of the multiple data points collected from our systems. The announcement is the first step for HighConnect, customers already using the platform have already increased productivity and efficiency. We intend to continue to expand HighConnect to offer customers a wider range of capabilities including maintenance management and productivity control,’ commented Haim Veig, Head of Products at Highcon Systems.


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