Highcon Installs Folding Carton Solution

Highcon Installs Of Folding Carton Solution

A customer’s motivation behind installing a Highcon Beam 2 for folding carton was borne out of its previous experience with the brand. 

Following the successful installation of a Highcon Euclid IIIC digital cutting and creasing machine at the end of 2019, Digital Room has now increased production with a newly installed Beam 2 machine.

For over 25 years, Digital Room has been a trusted leader in online printing. As an industry innovator, they offer a vast range of print and packaging products for dozens of branded online sites. By leveraging the latest manufacturing and e-commerce technologies, Digital Room can provide high value products in whatever quantity their customers need in a delivery turnaround time as short as 24 hours.

According to Chase Cairncross, COO, Digital Room, ‘With the constant increase in e-commerce, customers want to be able to decide the shape, size, colour and quantity of the items they need – they do not want to be limited to what they are told they can have. By using digital finishing technology, we eliminate the need for physical dies, we dramatically shorten the cycle time from order to delivery and we offer our customers unlimited design creativity, all benefits that are extremely challenging or practically impossible using conventional finishing equipment. That is how we started using the Highcon Euclid IIIC machine for corrugated. As our business grew, we realised that the potential of extending the digital finishing revolution would allow us to expand the range of products for other categories we are able to offer our customers.’

Cairncross added, ‘The experience we had with the Highcon team was outstanding. We were up and running, delivering customer jobs within four days of the equipment arriving at our facility. In less than four months we are already operating three shifts per day. Highcon’s consultative approach is making a significant difference in our ability to maximise the value of their digital finishing technology and accelerate our return on investment while increasing our customer satisfaction.’

Mike Ciaramella, VP Sales and GM Highcon Americas added, ’Digital Room has built their business around the concept of offering customers creative products combined with ultra-fast delivery, while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Today’s consumers require the flexibility, customisation and variety that Highcon systems deliver. We are proud of the confidence Digital Room has in our technology and are committed to helping them grow and succeed.’


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