Heidelberg Versafire CV Now Prints In Neon Yellow


Heidelberg Versafire CV Digital Printing System now offers an optional new neon yellow spot colour. The toner glows under UV light, enabling it to attract even more attention and add unexpected touches to printing applications.

The effect can also be used as a security feature, since the toner is almost impossible to copy. This makes it especially interesting for printing admission tickets or wristbands, for example, and other applications in the event industry that only light up under UV light.

In total, three additional toners can now be used in addition to CYMK: white, varnish, and neon yellow. The operator can realise the applications quickly, without the need for any other prior knowledge, through the interaction of the Prinect Digital Frontend developed by Heidelberg and the colour tools from the PDF toolbox.

All customers need is the toner and an additional developer unit. Beside the low investment costs of the new toner, it can also be retrofitted to all Versafire CV and Linoprint CV systems already in the market; this is evidence of the high level of investment security that Heidelberg offers its customers, including for digital printing systems.

Please check with your local supplier on the availability in your region.

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