Aleyant Announces PrintJobManager


A browser-based, standalone shop management solution, PrintJobManager is integrated with the optional, Aleyant Pressero web-to-print ecommerce and variable data solution for an out-of-the-box integrated workflow.

Besides web-to-Print, PrintJobManager is also easily integrated with other software apps and back office solutions commonly used in printing businesses. The result is a more seamless, automated workflow.

‘Since we first began showing PrintJobManager to customers and prospects last spring,’ said Ted Vickers, product manager for Aleyant PrintJobManager, ‘we have received rave reviews over the robustness, yet ease of use, of this cloud-based solution. Early users like Doug Shell, director of print services at Rollins College, are integrating PrintJobManager with a variety of applications, including Aleyant Pressero, to remove information silos and enhance operational automation for a more productive and profitable business.’

Cloud-based Aleyant PrintJobManager is fast and easy to set up and enables owners and production managers to manage their shops from any device, including those they carry in their pocket or purse. This standalone application for estimating, inventory management, shop floor data collection and more is also integrated with Pressero, meaning that product pricing created in Aleyant PrintJobManager can be seamlessly used within Pressero storefronts, eliminating the need to create and maintain separate pricing systems for online stores and in-shop management. Aleyant PrintJobManager is also a Zapier app, enabling fast, easy integration with a wide variety of business solutions for a completely customised end-to-end production and business workflow.

Aleyant Pressero is a cloud-based B2B or B2C online storefront solution that can be customised to individual client needs. This includes ‘mobile-first’ design for branded sites to ensure proper display regardless of the viewing device being used. Pressero can be enhanced with the addition of Aleyant eDocBuilder, a Web-based variable data publishing system built specifically to easily integrate into Aleyant or third-party Web-to-print or MIS solutions features advanced typography control, imposition, scripting support, PDF workflows, rapid template creation, Excel merge capabilities, and more.

Aleyant’s Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) uses a rules-based approach to automate such processes as file renaming, unzipping zipped files, or sending files and metadata directly to a RIP for processing, eliminating multiple steps in the workflow.

Aleyant PrintJobManager is a Zapier-compatible cloud-based print job management solution that includes a fast means of generating market-driven pricing, job management, inventory control, planning and estimating across a variety of production technologies and applications.

Print operations can also be enhanced by using Aleyant tFLOW (formerly Tucanna tFLOW), a powerful digital and large format automation workflow solution that is already integrated into the Aleyant ecosystem. tFLOW allows customers, sales representatives, prepress operators, and production teams to collaborate in real-time 24/7 with total visibility, eliminating lengthy email chains, text messages and calls that cause missed deadlines, costly mistakes and delays.

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