Heidelberg Showcases New Products At Packaging Days


Heidelberg used Packaging Days to showcase new products for the packaging sector from its partnership with Masterwork.

Guests from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and South America saw the presentation of the new MK Easymatrix 106 CS die cutter and MK Qmini 420/550 offline inspection system, which are tailored precisely to customer needs.

The MK Easymatrix 106 CS is a die cutter rated at 7700 sheets per hour that provides a smart upgrade into 104cm (41”) die cutting for commercial printers, also received great interest. It features non-stop operation in the feeder and delivery, motorised cutting pressure adjustment, convenient fine adjustments of the cutting plate and a quicklock chase for the cutting die as well as the upper stripping tool.

Top quality and end-to-end reliability are essential in the pharmaceutical and luxury goods sectors in particular. Existing inline inspection systems have their limitations with regard to foil applications and embossed areas. Visitors to the Packaging Days have now had their first opportunity to see how the MK Qmini 420/550 offline inspection system plugs this gap.

The MK Qmini doesn’t just check the print quality but also the embossing, foil and hologram positions, and the reverse of the sheet. Various light sources and up to four cameras are used to do this. The operator simply specifies what type of inspection is required and the machine automatically selects the necessary combination of light sources and cameras. The patented light source technology is unique on the market and enables inspection at speeds of up to 120000 cartons per hour.

The MK Qmini is available for cartons with widths of 420 and 550mm (16.54 and 21.65 inches) and Heidelberg has already sold a number of units to customers who need to meet the high expectations and standards of reliability in the pharmaceutical and luxury goods industries. These customers report 100% inspection of even the most challenging jobs without slowing down the production process, far fewer customer complaints, and less waste, as the removed cartons are not damaged and can thus still be used as seconds. The MK Qmini produces quality reports that are used as documentation for end customers and quality assurance.

The partnership between MK and Heidelberg first and foremost delivers products that enable the efficiency and cost-effectiveness that customers need. As well as the MK Promatrix and MK Easymatrix, the MK portfolio also includes a hot foil embossing machine. This machine has already been installed successfully in Poland and follow-up orders have now been placed in France and Italy. Demand for applications for surface finishing is high, with the result that further foil machines will follow such as the MK Duopress, which can apply foils and perform die cutting in a single pass.

Alongside the Packaging Days in Germany, Heidelberg has also organised popular open house events in the United States, Latin America, and Asia to demonstrate the partnership, products, and customer benefits of its innovative technology. Further new products will be on show at drupa 2016.

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