GMG Celebrates 30 Years In Colour Management


GMG is celebrating 30 years of shaping the colour management landscape.

In 1984, Robert Weihing and brother Joerg (now fellow co-owners) joined the business founded by their father Ewald Weihing, initially to supply sign-cutting plotters. In 1989 the company expanded into inkjet, buying one of the first then – revolutionary IRIS 3047 A0-format inkjet printers, and in this purchase lay the seeds of the colour management business.

‘Our father had the foresight to see the potential impact of the IRIS on the signmaking industry,’ recalled Robert. ‘Signmaking was very labour and materials-intensive, because you needed a separate foil for each layer, but the IRIS could print a sign in a single pass. One day, however, we printed an image from a slide and noticed that many of the browns printed as green. That was when we realised we had to learn about colour management.’ Four years later, the company’s first product, GMG ColorProof, a proofing and colour management solution for the packaging sector, found a ready market for its automation of consistent colour reproduction, especially of spot colours.

ColorProof became industry classic and, like other GMG solutions such as ColorServer and SmartProfiler, can rightly claim to have redefined the possibilities and extended the boundaries of colour in the graphic arts. Today the company offers a suite of 15 world-class colour management products, including a number of award-winners, and has over 11000 solutions installed worldwide in a wide range of customers and for a wide variety of applications, from advertising agencies and prepress houses to offset, flexo, gravure, digital and wide-format printers.

Robert and Joerg Weihing are especially proud of GMG’s record of continuing to keep pace with (and often anticipate) changing trends in graphic arts and develop successful solutions for customers. Robert Weihing said, ‘When we started, proofing was a kind of proprietary world ruled over by the likes of Cromalin and Matchprint. The IRIS began to change that. Since 2000 we’ve seen the transition from expensive, slow continuous-inkjet hardware to fast, much cheaper drop-on-demand technologies.

‘As our customers’ needs have developed, so we have expanded our portfolio to serve the different requirements for colour-managed results in different sectors. Today, our portfolio targets creative designers or photographers, through agencies and prepress houses, to printers using traditional presses or digital output devices. We are now looking forward to another 30 years developing colour management solutions to help these customers achieve profitable, efficient production throughout the value chain, from concept to creation.’

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