Folex PET-based Textured Graphic Overlay Film Ideal For Industrial Labels

Folex PET-based Textured Graphic Overlay Film Ideal For Industrial Labels

The GO-VT is a very high-quality, robust and chemical-resistant overlay film with very good processability as well as printability. The coated polyester film meets the most important industrial standards and can be used in many areas such as for membrane switches and other operating elements, as well as industrial signs and labels.

The film is made with a velvety, homogeneous but coarse structured surface. A pleasant feel leads to a positive perception of any surface and is an important factor when designing membrane keyboards. For example, embossing can facilitate the clear actuation of switching elements. A surface with a perceptible texture is both pleasant and easier to feel for the operator.

GO-VT expands the Folex portfolio in the ‘Films for Input Systems’ division, offering a new, outstanding product with an extraordinary look and feel. In addition to the well-proven finely textured GO-FT NQ, the company now also has a film with an even more noticeable surface in its range.


ƒ- Attractive look and feel.
ƒ- Coarsely textured and granular structure.
ƒ- Scratch resistant.
ƒ- Durable.
ƒ- Perfect printability with window lacquers on the front side.
ƒ- Perfect printability with screen printing inks and in digital printing with many printing systems.
– Good chemical and mechanical resistance.
ƒ- Good mechanical processing properties (embossing, die-cutting, laser cutting etc.)
ƒ- Easy to clean.
ƒ- UL-certified base film.

Possible applications

ƒ- Graphic overlay film for membrane switches and other control elements.
ƒ- Industrial signs and other graphic displays.
ƒ- Panels, labels and name badges.


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